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Austin City Limits 2019: Experience Guide

Austin City Limits 2019: Experience Guide

Austin City Limits is ready to give you endless experiences. Overdose of good music, the best streetfood in the city, spaces for art, VIP luxuries and many surprises await you at Zilker Park.

For six days spread over two consecutive weekends (October 4-6 / October 11-13), the city breathes music and falls in love with one of its most international events. This is the passionate story of a unique festival full of unforgettable experiences and sensations.

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The Legacy of the Austin City Limits

Austin City Limits is a liturgy that is renewed every year. The festival is heir to the longest-running music program on American television, aired since 1974. In their live shows have played authentic music legends. In 2002, that legacy became a festival whose transcendence trespass the borders of Texas.

More than half a million attendees from all parts of the planet cram Zilker Park, in the heart of downtown, reaching the city’s Wi-Fi collapse. Nobody escapes the magnetism of this festival through which LCD Soundsystem, The Strokes, Depeche Mode, Metallica, Massive Attack, Bob Dylan, Drake or the Eagles have passed.

The festival organization has opted to internationalize this concept of peace, love and music that is perceived every day of ACL by successfully launching in 2015 the Auckland City Limits and since last year the Sydney City Limits.

The Brightness of the Stars of the Austin City Limits

125 concerts await you at the ACL, so you should select carefully your tour at Zilker Park. Pay attention to the scrupulous schedules and locations of the eight stages scattered around this gigantic musical theme park. The intuitive app of the festival will help you to arrive on time and choose a good place to enjoy memorable concerts. Improvise at times to discover bands and artists that were not on your radar.

This year, the lineup mixes youthful icons and legends in its headliners. The musical phenomenon of the moment and this festival is undoubtedly Billie Eilish, from which we unravel her secrets in this article. The millennial muse has had the strange ability to unite different generations under a dark but dynamic pop and unlimited creativity.

Austin City Limits
Billie Eilish

Share prominence with authentic myths that have transcended their time as Guns N ‘Roses. The echoes of their imperishable hymns will become thunderous. After decades of absence, their extensive world tour started in 2016 will have a gold pin in Austin. A unique opportunity to meet again with Axl Rose, Slash and company.

Another myth of the 80s that will stroll through Zilker Park is The Cure. Robert Smith’s pupils will show off their characteristic dark post-punk become an emblem of the most emotional music. Tame Impala is the reference of 21st century rock and will pour their renewed dose of psychedelia over Austin’s most sybarite ears.

Childish Gambino, after his cancellation last year, has escalated from the alternative scene to the mainstream based on videos like This is America and songs like Feels Like a Summer. With him, the R&B is in good hands. His concert will have the magic of seeing a musician at the zenith of his creativity.

Cardi B is another of the shining stars of the festival. The exuberant artist has become the queen of Latin rap and has conquered the charts with catchy beats and a lot of provocation. A dream closure for the last night of the first night’s festival.

Atomic Cherry

Cherry Glazerr – October 4 and 11 – 2.45pm – Vrbo Stage

Cherry Glazerr

This Californian trio is adrenalin supplied with satin gloves. Of strange elegance and interesting distortion, their flirtations with grunge and urban rock disguise themselves as catchy melodies that since 2013 have strolled through the most select stages. Their Apocalipstick disc will be a good starting point to get lost in the sounds of Zilker Park.

Beyond Radiohead

Thom Yorke Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes – October 4 and 11 – 7 pm – Miller Lite Stage

Austin City Limits

The leader of Radiohead has always been one step ahead of trends. His new project surprised everyone being launched through BitTorrent. The users of the P2P program came across a jewel that evolves the sound of the Thom Yorke of the 90s and that you can enjoy in the ACL.

Early Elegance

Sam Fender – October 4 – 1.15pm – Vrbo Stage

Sam Fender

This talented 25-year-old Brit has surprised with an early ability to find the icing on his sophisticated lyrics in different ways: with Depeche Mode vibe’s synthesizers, with darkness like The Cure or just being different. Anachronistic and current at the same time, that dichotomy makes their rock a chimera available to few.

Fire in Zilker Park

Black Pistol Fire – October 4 and 11 – 3pm – Miller Lite Stage

Austin City Limits

These Canadians based in Austin are the Vitamin Garage that any festival needs. A duo that without a bass to stop them runaway in each theme as If there was no tomorrow. Contagious energy, their explosive concerts make them the funniest band of all you will find in ACL.

Sound Nostalgia

Houses – October 4 and 11 – 1.30pm – Miller Lite Stage


This Chicago based band will be one of the surprises of the festival. If you have still fallen into his badass world, do not hesitate to immerse yourself in creations where 90s sounds and a totally addictive nostalgic vibe.

Eat the Austin City Limits

ACL Eats – Every day of the festival

ACL Eats

Tasting ACL is possible. The aromas of Austin’s best streetfood open their doors in Zilker Park to tempt our glutton between show and show.

The most exquisite snacks of the festival will be signed by Austin’s Pizza, an awesome pizza maker from Austin, Chilantro, the Korean bbq who has fallen in love with everyone who has tried it, and Salt Lick, a restaurant where Texan meat shines in its splendor.

Sweet lovers will hallucinate with the creations of Bananarchy, which has turned the banana into the paradigm of the perfect dessert, the GoodPop popsicles, and  Amy’s, Austin’s craziest ice cream.

Other alternatives to smack your lips are: Torchy’s, JuiceLand, Mmmpanadas, Tiny Pies, Shawarma Point or Blenders & Bowls. Bon Appetit!

Reinventing Yesterday

King Princess – October 4 and 11 – 4pm – Honda Stage

King Princess

Mikaela Straus lives in a nonexistent past in which we would like to have lived. Her nostalgic pop loaded with electronic arrangements generate a sound that reminds us of something we don’t finish locating. Pure musical archeology that turns pieces of yesterday into something different and bright, as if she was an underground Lana del Rey.

Streets of Philadelphia on Austin City Limits

Lil Uzi Vert – October 4 and 11 – 6pm – Honda Stage

Lil Uzi Vert

Lil Uzi Vert is pure street who tells you nights with very urban realities. From Philadelphia, he rhymes a trap that catches you without abusing easy basses and betting on creative melodies. He will bring the essential darkness in these three days of love and music.

The Creator of Sublime Sounds

James Blake – October 5 and 12 – 7pm – Miller Lite Stage

If the class could be measured, its unit of measure would be the bpm’s of this British musician who turns each song into a delightful sound. His electronic music with trip hop dyes and much experimentation make James Blake one of the most fascinating musicians nowadays. His electronic whispers will be one of the key moments of the Austin City Limits.

The New Rap

Tierra Whack – October 5 and 12 – 3 pm – T-Mobile Stage

Tierra Whack

The music is in continuous transformation. A topic that feeds on innovative people like Tierra Whack, whom we enjoyed in the past SXSW. Her rap bets on melodies and witty rhymes. Her first album, Whack World, is a compendium of the new formulas of success. 15 minutes long divided into themes of just 50 seconds with spectacular videos. Her show takes us into the possibilities of the new rap.

A Latin Bomb

Kali Uchis – October 5 and 12 – 5pm – Miller Lite Stage

Kali Uchis

The music of this Colombian raised in Virginia has definitely exploded. Her danceable and hot R&B draws on street and Latin sounds that make it different and irresistible. She is being erected as one of the Latin bombs of the moment and in one of the muses of the Texan festival.

The Millennial King

21 Savage – October 5 and 12 – 7pm – T-Mobile Stage

Austin City Limits

Millennials have crowned him as their genuine referent. His concert is preceded by the millennial queen, Billie Eilish, in what will be a double generational encounter. His trap crosses borders and generations nourishing himself with the present. Sounds of tomorrow turned into hymns of a generation.

The Voice of Austin

Gary Clark Jr – October 5 and 12 – 6pm – American Express Stage

The icon of the new Austin sound is one of the strong sensations of the ACL. His blues-rock has continually innovated, making Gary Clark one of the most creative musicians on the American scene. His catchy riffs and answering letters will set Zilker Park on fire even more than his video This Land burns the sleeping consciences.

Pink Velvet

Pink Sweat$ – October 5 and 12 – 4pm – Tito’s Stage

This rapper from Philadelphia has revolutionized the playlists of Spotify USA with his single Honestly. No wonder, his R&B stands out for a hypnotic voice that drinks from Kanye West, Prince or Michael Jackson and some sound resources that wrap you in velvet. Get carried away by Pink Sweat$.

The Diva

Lizzo – October 6 and 13 – 7pm – Miller Lite Stage


The diva of the moment. Without complexes and with an attitude of I don’t give a shit, she has traveled a brilliant path to stardom. Her fusion of rap, R&B and soul transforms into each song. Which makes her, unpredictable and fascinating. The new and empowered rap diva lands in Austin at the perfect time.

Flamenco From the Block

Rosalia – October 6 and 13 – 4pm – Honda Stage

The Catalan artist has become an indisputable reference of the new Latin music. Rosalía’s flamenco trap makes her a unique jewel that has transformed a genre anchored in time into urban rhythms that can be heard in the corner bar or in Coachella. The fascinating flamenco opera by El Mal Querer, adorned with the sounds of El Guincho, has shown her the way to success despite her recent flirting with the reggaetón of Balvin or Ozuna.

Back to 90s

Third Eye Blind – October 6 and 13 – Honda Stage

Austin City Limits 2019

Return to 90 by the hand of Third Eye Blind. Few bands have managed to condense the virtues of alternative rock of the last happy decade like these Californians. They tell stories so that you make them yours and suddenly you feel trapped in a swirl of catchy, forceful but melodic rhythms.

Sounds from Jamaica

Koffee – October 6 and 13 – 3pm – T-Mobile Stage


Dreadlocks in the air! Koffee’s coming. This Jamaican girl is the only artist from the Austin City Limits who was born in the 2000s. Despite this, she develops with the naturalness of a veteran. Her rhyme creates a dancehall with a very good vibes that brings us the Caribbean sun. An encounter with the musical legacy of Jamaica.

The Electronic Wizard

Banks – October 6 and 13 – 5pm – Miller Lite Stage


This Californian woman has grown up playing with trip hop, R&B or avant pop. Her songs are caresses not without strength with which she enchants those who listen to them. Although Banks’ spell is designed to be enjoyed in privacy, it is worth discovering her show at this ACL for the memory.

Other ways to live music

ACL Fest Late Night Shows – Different places and schedules. Check here

Silent Disco – October 4 – 8pm – Tito’s Stage

Jackie Venson

The music of Austin City Limits can be lived in a thousand different ways.

The ACL Fest Late Night Shows guarantee burning nights and great music. Various clubs offer a more intimate alternative in smaller venues. The Jackie Venson and Gary Clark Jr show at Stubb’s is probably the highlight of this cycle by joining two generations of musical icons in the city.

The Silent Disco will delight fans of new experiences. A crazy party in which music is transmitted through headphones that emanate songs that will make you dance with no stop.

+ Than Music

The ACL experience encompasses much more than music. All kinds of activities have a place in the festival. Zilker Park is transformed into a giant postcard through facilities designed for your Instagram. In the new Bonus Tracks stage you will live the music in a closer way. In it, you can attend the recording of interesting podcasts and interviews with musicians.

Austin City Limits 2019

A weekend goes a long way. The rest areas will allow you to chill in the shade as a prelude to a new concert or an intense consumerist outburst. ACL Market offers you the possibility to meet the artists and trends of the moment. You can also burn a few dollars by investing in the merchandising.

The children also have a leading space in the festival. Austin Kiddie Limits will delight kids with activities that transfer the passion for music to new generations.

Do not forget to visit the hydration areas to combat the Texan heat or drop by the Beer Hall to enjoy the best American brewing.

The lucky VIP and Premium are awaited by different VIP Lounges where they would enjoy massages, gastronomy and good drinks, in addition to having reserved privileged areas on the festival’s stages.

Bonus Track: VVAA

Austin City Limits is the quintessence of the eclectic, for that reason, we tell you other interesting proposals. Check their schedules here.

  • Robyn, The Racounters, Mumford & Sons, Masego, Natalia Lafourcade, Abhi The Nomad, Yola, Delacey, Fisher, Troyboi, Monsieur Periné, Alessia Lani, Kaytranada, Sigrid, Bea Miller, The Aces.

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Austin City Limits 2019

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