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SXSW: Highlights from the biggest festival in the world

SXSW: Highlights from the biggest festival in the world

SXSW says goodbye. The eternal days end in which fatigue is extinguished with the emotion of another unique and unrepeatable day. Our illusion’s finished by experimenting the emerging underground scenes. The huge billboards with movie stars, the events that anticipate the future or the parties where the sips taste better also end. The magic of this festival is turned off and the countdown to the 2020 edition begins.

We take a walk through the best of this infinite festival. We have lived intensely the experiences offered by the SXSW, as you have seen in our social networks. Showmoon selected the most remarkable urban adventures of this endless festival that has said goodbye to Austin until next year.

The Musical Paradise

Jam in the Van

Jam In The Van

The ultimate musical experience. In the paradisiacal Camp Sandy, we could enjoy a day in heaven. Jam in the Van is a Californian party that has occasionally moved to SXSW to make us stay in the paradise. The main attraction of this wonderful idea is to see acts of diverse bands of all sorts playing in a van.

A very attractive proposal that could not be eclipsed by the incredible natural environment that enveloped it. Good food, amazing cocktails, friends wanting to party, pool and a radiant lake turned our last day into a metaphor of happiness. Unforgettable and the best possible way to dismiss the festival.


日本 が 大好 き (We love Japan)

Japan Nite

Japan Nite
Asterism@Japan Nite

What makes the SXSW unique is that ability to make you live musical scenes without having to travel to their respective cities. It’s something we could check in at Japan Nite. The Elyseum became for one day one of those gambling dens in Tokyo where the most vibrant garage, metal or punk in the world is developed. Bands as incredible as Asterism, Stereogirl, exgirl, Rigallily or Furutori made clear the feminine power of Japanese rock. Austin was never so loud or so irresistible. We love Japan!

The Homily of Graham Coxon

Graham Coxon


There are guys that have changed the history of music. They are counted on the fingers of one hand and undoubtedly one of them is this former member of Blur. His creative pop created the Britpop of the 90s. This creative explosion shared with Oasis served British pop to get out of the influence of the Beatles and into the 21st century. In spite of this splendid past, Graham has turned towards a much more genuine pop, related to folk, country or rock.

That’s why I cannot think of a better place for his intimate music than a Presbyterian church. His musical mass became a unique homily that filled this spectacular church with good music before astonished fans sitting on the benches as if they were regular parishioners. This acoustic was the most iconic performance of the festival.

A Musical Gift

Andrew Bird


Andrew was a musical gift that the SXSW wanted to offer to the city of Austin. After letting ourselves be seduced by the voice of Courtney Marie Andrews, the expected moment arrived. Andrew Bird appeared on stage after an incredible musical picnic. His bohemian appearance, his violin and the urban view of Lake Bird Park left some of the musical and aesthetic moments of this edition.

The Most Taveling SXSW

Opening Party at The Main


The first day of the festival always has a common denominator: the opening party in The Main. Last year we told you about it. In this edition, the bar was far exceeded. The Congolese Kokoko opened fire with a colorful show in which they fused homemade instruments, tribal music, dances and electronic music. This night became hot with Rico Nasty. The Queen of Brooklyn put the SXSW at her feet. Great jumps responded to their brutal rhythms and their marijuana joint that did not take great pains to hide.

After this waste of Trap energy came the turn of the funniest band of this edition. Haiku Hands brought together humor, crazy dances, costumes and catchy electronic music. What else can we want? The night closed the sophisticated and elegant pop of Cults. The vocal spells of Madelline Follin left the night a special aura that anticipated a dream festival.

Legends of the Night at SXSW

De La Soul


Being in a place with the charm of the Bangers and being in the first row to experience for the first time a concert of the De La Soul, fills all our musical dreams. The Long Island band gave us sympathy and forced us to leave the phones in our pockets to live their concert in full. The magic of those songs that formed the first jazz rap that opened so many paths in the genre was palpable in the happiness of the attendees. A party without stopping to dance and laugh, because music is a state of mind and De La Soul carries the word happiness in their rhythms.

The New Rap

Tierra Whack


Tierra Whack represents a fun, fresh and totally different rap. Her performance at SXSW was really expected and many people weren’t able to gain entrance. On the stage a scenic whirlwind devoured the songs of her debut album. She did not need her passionate video or visuals to fall in love. One of the most revolutionary performances of this SXSW.

Encounters with Myths

Beastie Boys


SXSW offers the possibility of approaching great icons of art, gastronomy, music, technology and art. Knowing in person the geniuses that transformed hip hop was not only a melomaniac moment but a lot of fun. Adam Horovitz and Michael Diamond came to SXSW to talk about their book they just spent a few minutes.

The smiles were protagonists caused by the hilarious stories about the neighborhood in which they grew up and performances in which they were about to be lynched. Smart and funny, they left us wanting more. If you find this musical keynote on YouTube do not hesitate to see it.

Two Generational Icons

Shirley Manson & Lauren Mayberry


Another star keynote was starring Shirley Manson with Lauren Mayberry. Two generational icons face to face. Garbage’s muse colonized the 90s while the frontwoman of Chvrches dominates the current indie scene. Both Scottish singers chatted about fame, the music industry and also about feminism. An enriching way to approach two pop legends.

Savoring the World

Taste the World


SXSW is also to be eaten. Among the hundreds of culinary proposals of the festival we opted for an international festival of food trucks that knew how to combine the eclectic character of SXSW. Taste the World had several examples of world cuisine.

Ze Wurst, a wonder that puts in your hands the delicacies of German cuisine. The spectacular presentation of their dishes defines the flavor of their German sausages although the true poem of their delicious cuisine is hidden in the Schnitzel. A marvel of fried meat that stands out for its tender body and crispy spirit. A delight that spiced up our SXSW.

Fire in the Garage

Black Pistol Fire / The Black Angels

Black Pistol Fire

Almost by surprise we find these two icons of the Austin scene, as we told you in our article about it. The music of Black Pistol Fire set fire the previous day of the musical festival. They jumped to the public with uncontrolled distortion and contagious electricity, that made us bounce like never before. After this waste of energy, came the moment of psychedelia. Black Angels endorsed the Empire of Austin and took us to other dreamy times in an epic concert.

Our Dose of Psychedelia

The Mystery Lights


Californians are part of that new psychedelic wave that has burst onto the rock scene in the last decade. This live performance at Beerland fitted in with the essence of his music. A fascinating set whose hits raised us above Austin until reopening the doors of perception.

The Cinema that is Coming

Film Festival

La Maldición de La Llorona

This year the film festival had many stars. Mathew McConaughey, Charlize Theron, Lupita Nyong’o, Seth Rogen or Jesse Eisenberg toured Austin. Among the most anticipated releases was The Beach Bum, a beach adventure with McConaughey and Snoop Dogg. The world premiere of The Curse of the Llorona, from the creators of The Conjuring universe, was also well received. Other world premieres such as Red 11, Robert Rodríguez’s latest film, and the remake of Pet Cemetery, made a lot of noise in Austin.

In the awards of the festival triumphed ¨Alice¨, ¨Yes, God, Yes¨ and ¨Saint Frances¨. The documentary, Running with Beto, tells the emotional campaign of this Democratic candidate who was about to overthrow the Republican power in Texas in the elections to the American Senate.  It too was also recognized. The future of cinema goes through SXSW.

One Week in the Future

Interactive Festival


The interactive week arrives almost without warning and goes in a halo of unusual experiences that you can only live at SXSW. One of the most requested was Bleed for the Throne. The HBO TV show offered to live an evening in one of its fascinating plots.

The Interactive festival of SXSW has revolved this year around virtual reality and interactivity as it has been in recent years.

Although, this year has seen the interesting creative applications of this technology. Sony, Samsung and LG have shown us this exciting future applied to cities, to art or to the environment and to food, as in the case of The Copernicus Project.


5G is another hot topic in this futuristic week, although overshadowed by the spectacular facilities that have created series such as The Highwaymen, American Gods and Good Omens. The series and the combat between streaming platforms have come to stay at SXSW. The TV show of Amazon Prime Video built an authentic garden of delights where you could live the Apocalypse that tells Good Omens with style and fun.

SXSW says goodbye to Austin leaving a trail of unique experiences, as we have told you in our social media. The countdown to the SXSW 2020 begins. There we will tell you the best of the biggest festival in the world. Long live SXSW!

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