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Napa Flats: The Shortest Path to Italy

Napa Flats: The Shortest Path to Italy

Napa Flats is a path that connects Austin and Italy in the most brilliant way. You will rarely feel the breeze of the Italian Mediterranean in Texas as in this sophisticated place. In its menu you can lose yourself in the Italian flavors from Tuscany to Capri with a host of delicious unexpected surprises from both inside and outside the Italian borders. Today we are going to Texan Italy.

The winding road that leads to Napa Flats reminds us sometimes of those hills that play with the blue horizon of northern Italy. It is a good prelude to immerse yourself in a country with a dazzling gastronomy beyond the topic.

Italian Texas

Wood and lots of light await us in the spacious premises in a comfortable space that hides a prodigious menu. The craziest nights in Austin deserve to start on this bridge between Italy and Texas.

Napa Flats
Photo: Napa Flats

We choose the options that try to seduce us through its menu while other delights arrive from outside the Italian borders. The exquisite Hummus with which we began our tour of Napa Flats has a body of feta cheese, Kalamata olives and garlic oil. This oriental wonder comes with a delicious bread, so you can bathe your palate at the most remote end of the Mediterranean.

The Tomato Caprese takes us back inside the Italian borders with its healthy tomato and mozzarella flavor seasoned with purely Italian balsamic delights. Other fascinating options are squid and Chombury Shrimp, which will leave you wanting to continue your expedition to that crystalline Mediterranean reflected in such an elegant menu.

Flavors From Napa Flats

We arrived at the decisive moment of the evening. Pasta is the main dish of this place. The palate travels to Europe in an innovative and courageous journey through the tastiest pasta in the world. Tony’s Bow Tie is a farfalle that surprises with its intense aroma, the result of careful preparation and amazing spices accompanied by chicken cooked in a wood-fire grill, tomato, prosciutto or red onion.

Napa Flats
Yummy Farfalle in Napa Flats

Ciao Italy! The Spinach and Kale Ravioli is here, a dish where health and flavor are intensely embraced to give pleasure to your mouth. Another proposal of unbeatable flavor is Spaghetti with meatballs, just like the movies.

The pizzas of the place are a must. You will dream with them for days until you resign yourself to return to their flavors. The queen of the Napa Flats is undoubtedly the Pizza of Truffle and Dates. In its thin and slender body fit an endless number of unique nuances. An unforgettable delight dressed in an amazing truffle aroma. The key is not only that truffled oil and its combination of prosciutto, fontina, red onion and dates but in its fascinating light mass. Pure Italian style.

Dream Pizzas

Margherita is always a challenge for any chef. From the oven a delight is extracted that may seem simple but has a lot of character and is present everywhere. That’s why it’s hard to surprise.

Napa Flats
Amazing Pizzas From Napa Flats

It is worth getting carried away by that freshness and intense flavor of the exquisite Margherita in Napa Flats. Beyond these wonders of pizza, we still have to sink the tooth to the irresistible Carnivore that will satisfy our greatest carnivorous desires. Its infallible recipe includes mozzarella, tomato sauce, parmesan, steak, meatballs, pepperoni, red peppers and prosciutto. A whole bomb of flavor that we wish to explode in our body.

From the grill temptations like Salmon or a Chicken whose citrus fruits will make you happy, as well as a Milanese that looks like a map of Italian flavor, also arise. Texan Italy could not miss its appointment with the most succulent meat. The best cuts and the best product are also present in this corner of the state of the lonely star.

Also sandwiches and hamburgers appear as juicy temptation, although if you want to continue traveling through Italy, we recommend its exquisite Panini.

Napa Flats

Gelato Is Not Ice Cream

We hope you have been warned, leaving room for what is to come in the desserts. Gelato is not ice cream as they say in Napa Flats. And it is not. Its texture and flavor are unmistakable and unmatched.

A taste of Italy made with milk from Texan cows. The height of foodie fusion. Among its many flavors are Stracciatella, Elvis, whose peanut butter heart pays homage to the king’s gastronomic passion, Nutella Gelato, Cookies and Cream, with an aroma of Oreo, or Pistachio.

Napa Flats
Gelato Time

These delights irrigate a tender brownie whose texture will make you go crazy or a unique crumble presented in small pans that will delight the instagrammers. With this sweet memory we left the Italian hills to return to Austin.

On the way back you will be counting the hours to return to the beautiful Italy that blooms in Napa Flats. The tastiest way you will travel for a long time. Ciao!

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Napa Flats

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