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SXSW 2024: Experience Guide

SXSW 2024: Experience Guide

SXSW returns to Austin to guide us into the future thought in four different festivals where we will meet the voices and faces that move the world and those that will move it very soon.

In an endless festival like SXSW, it’s easy to get lost or feel overwhelmed by the torrent of events happening at the same time in different parts of the city. Don’t worry. It happens to all of us. It is impossible to cover it in its entirety, so it is worth applying the festival’s motto: a little planning and a lot of improvisation. We are going to teach you how to do it and give you some highlights of what you shouldn’t miss in a new and fascinating edition of the Texan festival.

SXSW hosts the largest catalog of underground talent in the world, so before attending you should soak up that exploratory philosophy that leads each attendee to open their mind to new realities, sounds and artistic concerns. You won’t find that magic anywhere else but in Austin.

In its immensity you will find the dozens of installations, parties and conferences of the Interactive Festival, the talks and keynotes with some of the most influential people in the world, the films and series that will shake the film industry this year and the sounds of the future. Plus, countless private and unofficial events, networking sessions and patronage meetings, and unexpected surprises await you on the streets of Austin. Open your eyes, mind and your heart. And let yourself be carried away by this experience guide so that you can fully enjoy the festival of your life.

Come Closer To The Stars


It is often said that South By does not have headliners but it does, yes it does. And it is a contradiction in itself. Don’t forget that life is full of them and that makes it much more interesting. Don’t give up the shine of the stars in the middle of an oasis of alternative culture. It is worth getting closer to The Black Keys, the band that has influenced the sound of rock in the last two decades. In Austin, they will offer two epic concerts, a memorable keynote to get to know them better and the presentation of their documentary This is a film about The Black Keys. Another music icon that we will meet at South By Southwest is Bootsy Collins, who will perform the irreverent funk that turned him into a legend.

Renowned artists such as Mogwai, Desire or X Ambassadors will also be part of the luxury line-up of a musical festival without limits.

Immerse Yourself In A New Paradigm

In recent editions, great media outlets such as Billboard or Rolling Stone have attracted big names to the festival and, in a way, they had contradicted its alternative spirit. Billboard has bet heavily on names like PARTYNEXTDOOR, Illenium or Cristian Nodal. Rolling Stone has raised the bet with its own mini-festival filled with young stars such as Peso Pluma, Yung Miko, Lola Brooke, Chase Shakur, Flo Milli and Flyana Boss.

Marshall has been the latest brand to join this trend and offers us three epic days in the company of bands like Dinosaur Jr or Black Angels.

The Best Agenda of SXSW is Not Having an Agenda

Indeed. An important part of your daily routine at the festival is to let yourself be carried away by your senses and end up at any of the festival’s venues to expect the unexpected. You may come across sounds as fascinating as those emitted by Provoker, Hot Garbage, Calep de Casper and their avant-garde rock.

Never say no to anything. On any corner you can witness the talent that opens new avenues in pop before our astonished eyes like Neon Waltz or Cactus Lee are capable of doing. Do not blink. From all corners of the world come artists capable of changing any musical paradigm you have established. Tiger! Shit! Tiger! Tiger! from Italy, Minimal Schlager from Germany, Bodine from Amsterdam, Orion from the fantasy world of their synthpop, Chaii from New Zealand, Audrey Nuna with her Asian American roots, Pheelz from Nigeria, Tameca Jones from Austin, Bodega from New York, the urban cumbia of La Gallo 3:20 or the magnetic electronic multiculturalism of Aïsha Devi have different ways of winning your heart but the same passion for sharing their message with the world. What unites us, their music, will cause us to lack hours and legs to not miss any detail of the experiences that await us in Austin.

Take A Walk Down Rainey St

This endearing street measures the pulse of the city. Walk through it, especially during the Interactive Festival weekend, and you will be surprised. There, you will find everything that you love, from performances, installations to exciting showcases and people from all corners of the world willing to share emotions and experiences.

Different events from various brands, institutions or companies will be present there. Don’t forget to stop by the venues of Tulsa, Canada and The Lodge. They will make your festival hours more enjoyable and tasty.

Have a Scary Time With The Omen

To commemorate the release in American theaters of the prequel to the mythical saga on April 4, 20th Century invites us to live a terrifying experience in an interactive installation that will test our cardiac health and that will serve to reunite us with the universe of The Omen. Damian is looking forward to receiving new victims in his dark corner located at 712 Congress Avenue. The First Omen is waiting for chanting us.

Visit the British Embassy at SXSW


The powerful BBC has embarked to Austin with the best voices of the emerging British scene. You don’t need to stamp passports or spend endless hours in airports to enjoy it. This year, the resplendent premises of the British musical embassy invites us to spend enormous amounts of time inside delighting ourselves with such interesting names as Divorce, Viji, HotWax, Ash, Bleach Lab, Dream Nails, Friedberg, Currl or Angélica García. The tomorrow of pop has never been so close.

Discover The Most SXSW Band

As part of the British invasion that Austin will enjoy for a few days, Enola Gay threatens to set fire to any stage she steps on. And that’s the most SXSW thing there is: arrive, see and rock. Something that is not new to them.

The Belfast band is one of the icons of the new punk scene in the UK and one of those responsible for the resurrection of this genre in recent years in response to uncertain times. With a few gigs and a handful of more than exciting singles, they have begun to make their mark on the alternative circuit before their date with a SXSW that awaits them impatiently.

Have A Good Time With Ho99o9

The punk of the boys from Newark is an addictive noise that alters your mind to deinhibit you. It is part of their rebellious ideology but apart from the punk spirit that is so engraved in their minds, Ho99o9 sound terribly good. Their songs are meticulously crafted with a perfect tempo and timed with lyrics and crazy performances inherited from icons of the past like Black Flag. Impossible not to fall into their arms. One of the highlights of this SXSW without a doubt.

Travel Through Asia and Africa During SXSW

This year, SXSW invites us again to visit places geographically and culturally far from our daily lives. One of our favorite scenes is the Japanese scene and for that reason we are happy to attend not just one but two nights full of Japanese sounds, avant-garde and stellar artists.

In them, we will meet the rap diva Yaiyo Daimon and the unclassifiable CHAMELEON LIME WHOOPIEPIE, two dazzling discoveries that we made at the previous SXSW, the brilliant pop of BackDrop Cincerella, Chiaki Mayumura and Tokyo Syoki Syodo, the vanguard of Thefin. and luvis, Halley’s Neo Soul, Gliiico’s cool psychedelia or Kikuo’s electronic music.

The noise of the rising sun will give way to the warm sound of the Moroccan Meteor Airlines and the Nigerian Pheelz, who transport us to the most musical of Africa in two essential concerts. Do not miss them. Be a sound explorer.

Be Punctual On Your Date With The East Diva


CHAMELEON LIME WHOOPIEPIE is one of the most unclassifiable artists of the entire festival. Her esoteric punk-rap, her kimonos and her staging seem taken from a distant future. Her enigmatic halo helps to consolidate her character halfway between the kawai philosophy and the most technological Japan. Active since 2016, she has found her nest in Austin.

Eat On The Street

In many of the events that will take place during the first part of SXSW you will find trays of various delicacies tempting your appetite but it is well worth rejecting the canapés to immerse yourself in the city’s always delicious street food. Throughout downtown you will find a varied offering of food trucks, with exquisite pizzas, gyros, Asian cuisine, tacos or burgers. You can also stop by El Camino Casino to taste the best burger in Austin or stop by the Café Teatro Hideout to taste an Espresso and a sweet. The foodie offer of the Texan capital is unlimited.

Go To The Movies

The Film Festival shares time and space with its musical counterpart and is imbued with the same philosophy: large stellar productions are overshadowed by the emerging and alternative talent of minority productions that become cinephile gems. Among the stellar world premieres of this SXSW, all eyes will be on The Fall Guy. David Leith’s film stars Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt as protagonists. A series of gags and explosions will make this action comedy a worthy successor to the 80s series that inspired it. Although, if there are films that have generated excitement in the Texas capital, they are Civil War and Immaculate, the horror film in which Sidney Sweeney will play a nun who faces the most unexpected terror.


Anne Hathaway returns to the festival to premiere the romantic comedy The Best of You in which she humorously delves into the problems of couples with a notable age difference and in the second chances. Many fans will be keeping an eye on Jake Gyllenhaal and his action movie Road House that digs into the underworld of the Florida Keys and the UFC. Another of the most anticipated moments of the festival will be the premiere of the Black Keys’ documentary. And don’t forget the premiere of the documental of the legendary stoners Cheech & Chong.

In the official section away from the focus of the big releases you can find gems like Babes, Y2K, Música, Black Sea, An army of women, We were dangerous, The In Between and the Dominican Bionico’s Bachata. Among the series, the most fascinating proposal of this SXSW is the premiere of the latest from the producers of Game of Thrones, the long-awaited 3 Body Problem from Netflix. We will also find new series that will soon hit the screens such as Black Twitter or Ren Faire, as well as the premiere of season 3 of Hacks, the new Star Trek: Discovery and Magic City: An American Fantasy. An entire audiovisual world that is complemented by a selection of short films, documentaries, immersive cinema and avant-garde video clips unique in the world.

Don’t Miss The Movie That Everyone Will Be Talking About

A24 presents in Austin a dystopian film that draws on the controversy and the different tensions present in American society. Alex Garland has drawn on them to propose a near future in which Texas and California begin a process of secession that leads the country to an armed conflict.

But beyond catastrophes and destructive policies, Civil War digs into the survival of its charismatic protagonists to keep us glued to the screen for two hours. Kirsten Dunst and Wagner Moura, the unforgettable Pablo Escobar in Netflix’s Narcos and the protagonist of the essential Elite Troop, lead a cast that humanizes the horrors of war while still exposing the havoc it generates.

Discover The Most Unexpected European Artist

Karin Ann is the confirmation that anything is possible at SXSW. This 21-year-old Slovak artist is a complete unknown to the Texan public, but she has achieved a significant level of hype in Austin based on great songs like She, which has a remix created by Benny Benassi himself. In her sophisticated electropop there are glimpses of Billie Eilish and Fletwood Mac. Her sound has caught the attention of the prestigious NME magazine, which has named her as one of the emerging artists with the greatest projection. Don’t miss a concert that honors the artist shuttle concept that is South By Southwest.

The SXSW Stars Who Arrived From Spain

Hinds have become a duo but regardless of the number of them that take the stage they always guarantee good vibes, Malasaña-style garage and a lot of noise. A delight that connects like no one else with the musical taste and idiosyncrasy of the city, which has made them in veterans and stars of this festival. They arrive in the capital with unusual expectations and eager to have fun with their new single Coffee.

Immerse Yourself In The Future

The Interactive Festival is an exciting window into the future of technology, innovation, advertising, art and cinema. For a few days, big brands such as Paramount, Porsche, Audible, Amazon Prime, Delta, Lacroix, Netflix and Dell will present their new products in interactive installations full of cocktails, delicious dishes and amazing immersive activities.

As you may already know, one of the most anticipated television events this year is the premiere of 3 Body Problem. To celebrate this expectation, Netflix has prepared an installation for lovers of the series that promises to be intense and unforgettable. Don’t forget to visit The Lodge, the cabin that Paramount+ has installed on Rainey St. to experience its original series and movies while you taste delicious cocktails or get a tattoo. Like The Lodge, Amazon Prime returns to the festival and prepares an epic installation at Congress to enjoy an afternoon surrounded by great experiences related to the best of its programming.

Hear The Voice Of The World

SXSW allows us to get closer to the people who move the world. This year, the variety of keynotes and meetings is overwhelming. On South By’s first Friday we’ll meet Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, and Brooke Shields as they discuss the importance of women’s roles in the movie industry.

Selena Gómez visits Austin to talk to us about the importance of mental health in our lives. Another committed woman is Jane Fonda, who will talk about activism in a talk to remember. The Black Keys will describe the adventures of their career that they narrate in the documentary premiered during the festival while Elijah Wood will drop by the Convention Center to present his podcast shared with Daniel Noah.

Movie stars are never as accessible as during SXSW. You can learn in depth the curiosities of the filming of Inmaculate with its protagonist, Sidney Sweeney. The filming of the long-awaited Civil War will be narrated by its director Alex Garland and the film’s cast led by Kirsten Dunst and Wagner Moura. In addition, we will have the opportunity to learn about unknown aspects of elite sports through the words of NBA legend Dwayne Wade and Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks. To finish, a special dressing with chef José Andrés and his World Kitchen project.

Keep an eye on the SXSW app so you don’t miss the latest confirmations and surprises

SXSW is a living and changing being. Every hour a new opportunity arises to go in search of the unsuspected. New concerts, confirmations, events, exhibitions, premieres or meetings of all kinds with big stars and celebrities are announced at all times in the official festival app and also on our social media. Be aware.

See you in Austin! Don’t miss the biggest festival in the world on our social networks and on the Showmoon website.

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