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AUSTIN AGENDA | September 15th-30th

AUSTIN AGENDA | September 15th-30th

Austin and its nights are a refuge for the pleasureseeker. In Showmoon, we explore every corner of the city to bring you the best plans that hide its streets. Welcome to the hidden face of Austin’s moon.

Concerts to Honor Yesterday and Tomorrow

First Aid Kit – September 18 – 8 p.m – ACL at Moody Theater. Map – From $ 25

Robert Plant – From September 29 to October 1 – ACL Live at Moody Theater. Map – From $ 84

First Aid Kit
First Aid Kit

Naive sweetness, beautiful voices and a purely American style have made the Södemberg sisters one of the most interesting pop proposals in Europe. From their native Sweden exploited the possibilities of MySpace to conquer the pop world. Their folk is a good reason to explore Austin’s night and discover their new album, Ruins.

Robert Plant is one of the immortal icons of rock. His voice made Led Zeppelin recognizable accompanying the virtuosity of Jimmy Page. Despite the rumors of a new meeting of the Zeppelin, Plant continues to his own. His latest album, Carry Fire, delves into that personal style of singing that keeps him in the Olympus of Rock. You can rarely see a myth like this in flesh and blood.

We’re Going to Party

1920’s Murder Mystery Party – September 21 – 7-9 pm – Gables Tower Park. Map – Free. Sign up here.

20s Murder Mistery Party
20s Murder Mistery Party

Good whiskey, 20s music and dresscode and also people wanting to have fun in a different way. What more can you ask? At this party, nothing is what it seems and you will have to solve a murder by applying the keys of an Agatha Christie novel while savoring a good Nine Banded Whiskey. A delight for the senses that will make you socialize as you have never imagined provided by Seekr.

Beer is a Lifestyle

Texas Craft Brewers – September 29 – Fiesta Gardens. Map – 15 – 120 $

Texas Craft Brewers Festival
Texas Craft Brewers Festival

Austin is a paradise for brewing. Dozens of tasty breweries have created a very competitive brewing market in terms of variety and quality. It seems impossible to cover the huge existing offer, although fortunately, we have Texas Craft Brewers. This festival brings together in the same space the most fascinating breweries of Austin in a day full of good music, the best cuisine and of course, toasts for life with a taste of craft beer.

Don’t Be Afraid

Fantastic fest – 20 – September 27 – Check billboard and prices here.

Fantastic Fest
Fantastic Fest

The fear of the unknown is something fascinating for the human being. For this reason, the cinema has turned into art our most existential doubts and our most primal fears. Fantastic Fest explores these fascinating universes with a local and international film program that makes these genres sublime.

Shakespeare in Austin

Twelfth Night – September 21 and 22 – 7.30 pm – Emily Anne Theater & Gardens. Map – $ 18

Twelfth Night
Twelfth Night

Experience the magic of the most intimate theater at the Emily Anne Theater & Gardens. Feel the magic of the macabre love games and the beautiful words of William Shakespeare. A handful of great Central Texas actors have fun on stage with this play that speaks of the inevitability of romance. A shipwreck and an unexpected return of a woman disguised as a man will unleash the magical forces of love. Do not miss this immortal play in an theater with a special charm.

Live life!!

Viva la Vida! – Until November 25 – Mexicarte. Map – Check schedule here

Viva La Vida by Mexicarte
Viva La Vida by Mexicarte

Mexicarte celebrates 35 years of presence in Austin with a vital declaration of intentions and special programming. Dozens of activities and exhibitions will serve as a summary of that cultural bridge established by the Mexican gallery. For two months they will be preparing the city for the colorful Day of the Dead. An ideal artistic celebration to immerse yourself in a fascinating culture.


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  1. Seekr Austin

    Tuesday September 18th, 2018 at 08:29 PM

    Hey! I’m Andoni from Seekr, The Austin startup that is hosting the Murder Mystery Party at Gables. I am happy that you posted at our event, and can notify you about future events coming. I would really appreciate it if you could feature us though, just like you did for our sponsor, NBW!

  2. davidarias

    Tuesday September 18th, 2018 at 10:15 PM

    Hi Andoni. Thank you for comment and congratulations for the event. I would like to keep in touch for future event. Can you add me to your press list? I´ll include you in the article and social networks. I am so sorry for the omission.

    • Seekr Austin

      Wednesday September 19th, 2018 at 12:43 AM

      Hi David, thank you for getting back to me so quickly. I can definitely add you to our press list. What is your email? If you don’t feel comfortable sharing it here, there is a chat box on our website or you can DM me on Instagram. No worries about the omission, thank you for including us!

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