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Welcome to Showmoon!

Welcome to Showmoon!

Welcome to Showmoon. We are nocturnal explorers looking for strong emotions at night to tell you its secrets, its flavors and its noises. We want to unite all cultures under the same moon in two languages and on two continents.

We will be your point of connection between two cultures that feed each other and fascinate each other: the European and the American cultures. We will not hesitate to tell you about the trends of yesterday and today. We are fascinated by winners and losers. In Showmoon we do not judge, we only want to tell stories that are lived in the big cities of the world.

We think locally and act globally. For this reason, we have established ourselves in two cities as links of union of that cultural bridge that we are going to tell you. Austin and Madrid will be the spearheads on both sides of that bridge we are creating.

In each of them we will tell you through social networks and on our website everything that happens when the sun goes down. Our agenda will keep you informed of the main cultural events of both places.

But we do not only think about our beautiful cities but we will make you feel the pulse of big, small or forgotten global urban trends. Music, art, cinema, theater, urban art, parties, gastronomy and the most radiant urban culture await you on your new website.

Join us on social networks and expect the unexpected on our website. While others sleep, we explore.

Welcome to the Showmoon adventure.

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