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Guide: The day I lived on Twin Peaks

Guide: The day I lived on Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks is the tv show that belongs to the cultural legacy of the 90s. I’ll tell you one truth: I could never see the tv show when they broadcasted it on TV. When the Spaniards enjoyed this delight, my innocent soul was young enough to not be able to see this content. A teenager perfectly packed in plastic was not suitable for children’s content.

That’s why, over the years, I decided to undertake the viewing in the most intimate way. David Lynch has always been very much to my liking, although I am neither an expert nor can I sit with my cinematic taste. I am very clear that commercial films are not part of my agenda.

David Lynch is that hybrid that combines very close cinema with a point of tolerable surrealism and this is reflected in his work. Twin Peaks is also part of that content that on the one hand tells a common story, located in any town in the United States of the 90s and at the same time complicates it with a cast of strange, peculiar and above all, endearing characters.

For this reason, the series fell into the heart of many viewers despite having two seasons (since 2017 has three) and above all, generated a fan movement around it, full of confabulations and theories as has rarely been seen.

My History of Love

I recognize that I devoured the two seasons and above all, my imagination flew to indescribable levels, recreating imaginary universes, being almost another character. What struck me most was its atmosphere, that aura of mystery, that fantasizes about visiting it. I really wanted to be inside, even for a day. I did not want to be Laura Palmer, or Log Lady, or even the beautiful Audrey Horne, I really wanted to be one more character in the long list.

At first, I thought it was crazy, but when I started to investigate, I discovered that everything was very close to Seattle. It made all the sense since in the series it talks about the state of Washington on several occasions besides being the scenario where one imagines that it can happen: leafy forests of firs, hills and above all, towns divided in two by a county road. It is a very common urban model in the United States but on this occasion, it is totally real.

So, in November 2018 I let my mind fly (and my money) and I set out to explore those parts that had given me so much dreamlike evocation. I must say that in addition to be a fan of the series, I am a special lover of American popular culture, so I took the opportunity to do a lot of sightseeing like a devotee.

Although I will speak after other Twin Peaks temples scattered around the world, I will focus my energies in Seattle and surrounding areas. Taking advantage of the 30 years of the death of Laura Palmer, we could not pass up the opportunity to approach the incredible places where the series was filmed.

Twin Peaks

How to get to Twin Peaks?

A rainy morning (and when it is not a party in this wing of the great American continent) we put the first coordinates in our GPS, always leaving Seattle.

I do not know if they really do tours to the area, but it was never our goal. For those of us who went to see the area, it is something sacred and we did not want it to fall into commercialism. Actually, we did not cross almost anyone. Although it was November and during the week, we were able to enjoy everything at our leisure without problems.

In about 45 minutes and with traffic, we reached our point of origin: Snoqualmie Falls. If there is a place associated with Twin Peaks, it is its falls.

Once you get there, you can go to the upper zone or the lower zone. Obviously, I wanted everything, so we parked in the upper area, whose parking cost about 6 USD and went to the main viewpoint, where you can see the waterfall, so impressive. The force of the water was such that nothing was seen at first. We decided to do the route that connects the two viewpoints, you can go by car or it is about 25 minutes walking from one to another through a lush forest, with steep slopes.

Twin Peaks

Right there, next to the falls, there is another icon: the Great Northern Hotel. Currently it is the Salish Lodge Hotel and Spa, whose prices are around USD 200 per night and there is no reference to the series except for a dish on the menu. It was not worth the expense to not live an authentic experience.

As we read, one and a half million people travel the area every year, but as I said before, we enjoy a breathtaking tranquility. Before leaving the area, we saw a souvenir shop, the only one we found there and where we could stock up on something related more to the falls than with the series. As we have said, it is not as exploited as it could have been and in fact, I love that it stays that way. I do not know if in the years of apogee of the series there would be more movement or I suppose that in the epoch of the Twin Peaks Festival if it will be, but it gives pleasure. We got some postcards and put glasses because the rest of things I already had (is what has to be a fanatic).

Twin Peaks

Our next stop would be North Bend. There is one of the best-kept shrines: the RR Café in the series and the Twede’s Café in reality.

Twin Peaks

Although a few years ago it suffered a terrible fire, fortunately, it remains with a lot of luster: its large central bar, its padded benches, its multiple newspaper clippings proud of having recorded the series there. Without a doubt, it was one of the epicenters.

Twin Peaks

Its gastronomy is the classic that offers an American diner: all day breakfast, hamburgers. The food was delicious, although very strong. Of course, there was room for a danm fine cup of coffee and a cherry pie. We touched the sky.

Twin Peaks

There you can also buy some souvenirs. I got a cup from the store to remind me every morning that I was there. They also gave me some matches, which I think is the most memorable memory anyone can have.

Twin Peaks

After eating as kings, a route began to certain isolated points. One of the places where they also had many adventures was in the institute. We will always remember Donna crying for her friend or the image of Laura Palmer as the queen of the dance. So, after many laps, we arrived at the institute.

There is a bit of literature in all this and it seems that a few years ago, they destroyed the original building because they have expanded it. We also did not want to be there with our cameras having minors, so we took some quick pictures. This is Mt. Si High School at 8651 Meadowbrook Way SE, Snoqualmie, WA 98065, USA.

Without going too far, we had another stop: the police station. The truth that I wish they had kept but like all things, was converted into a rally center. The exterior does square with what is seen in the series and in addition, there is a police car with the original logo remembering that it was a site of the series. It is located at 7001 396th Dr SE, Snoqualmie, WA 98065, USA

Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks

In addition, there you can see one of the towers of the sawmill, another important place in the series. Today you can only see one of the Packard Sawmill towers.

We had some more stops that could be made before the sun came down. One of the gloomiest places is what they call the Ronette Bridge, which is the Reinig Bridge. In its day the train ran but now it is pedestrian. Of course, it has retained the same state for 30 years ago.

41433-41699 SE Reinig Rd, Snoqualmie, WA 98065, USA UU These coordinates will take you right to the curve where the sign that marked the city was and where in 2017, they placed another poster that lasted two weeks. Unfortunately, the sign suffered constant damage, and, in the end, they had to remove it. It is said that it is in the tourist office of the city but for more than I have investigated this detail, I have not found it. Once there, you realize that the mountains are those that can be seen in the distance, with their Douglas firs.

Twin Peaks

Our last stop, back in Seattle, was in the centennial log. A trunk of more than 400 years with stratospheric dimensions next to the railway museum. It was a classic at the head of the series.

Twin Peaks

There are still more points but, in a day,, without having great means, we could only cover these points. I invite you to do your own route, which is basically eternal, but for me these are the highlights.

Twin Peaks

It was an amazing day, the day I lived in Twin Peaks. But here everything does not end …

Twin Peaks Outside the Snoqualmie Region

Although there is a lot of focus here, filming always covers many areas. In fact, many exteriors were shot in California. But we still have many places in the vicinity of Seattle.

The Canadian border is about 200 kilometers and, on the way, is the mysterious city of Everett. In addition to be the headquarters of Funko and housing a wonderful store, it has a haunted house and a better one: the house of Laura Palmer. Located at 708 33rd St in Everett. We will all remember those mythical stairs or windows. In fact, if the current owner sees you, she invites you to the house without any problem.  Although she does not have anything from the original set.

Our last details about Twin Peaks are located in front of the city of Seattle, WA.  We were in contact with the owner of Kiana Lodge, where the interiors of the Great Northern Hotel were engraved and where you can see the shore where Laura Palmer’s body appears and even the trunk is still there. Whenever possible and given that it does not open all year (hence we could not go) they teach you everything with pleasure, in fact, there is a plaque that indicates that Twin Peaks was filmed here. To go you can take a ferry from Seattle to the island and above there are great views. I will be back.

Up to here was my trip. I promise you that it was one of the best days of my life because of the capacity for immersion and reality that it had. Now I just hope that if you go, remember this post where I helped you find your site in Twin Peaks.

My Temples of Twin Peaks

Given the symbolism to which the series is kept, it is a cultural claim. More and more cities are encouraged to have their own themed bar.

I’ll talk about the ones I’ve visited:

Estupenda Cafe Bar: Located in Madrid. Without doubt the most authentic. Perfectly recreates the RR Diner and the bottom is the full-fledged Red Room. It is always full, but it also has some heart attacks and, of course, cherry pie. I go as much as I can because I love it.

The Black Lodge: It is located in Vancouver. The truth is that except for the tiles and a small altar to Laura Palmer, it is a normal place. Its cherry pie is also pretty basic but it’s fine to stop along the way.

I also went to Red’s True in London, but it closed. I would stay at The Black Lodge in Berlin and I’m sure there will be more scattered throughout the world. My dream is to enter the Club Silencio de París, but for that, we have to save.


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    ME ha encantado tu experiencia. Me ha sorprendido lo mucho que me he identificado con las descripciones los sentimientos que has mostrado. Muchas gracias Vanessa por compartir la magia de esta serie. Como no podría ser menos, he leído tu blog con la banda sonora de Twin Peaks.

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      Muchas gracias, Fer. Nos alegra mucho que hayas disfrutado del artículo. Un abrazo!

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