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Wines from Austin

Wines from Austin

Wine and Austin live a love story. Like all romance, they have experienced moments of passion and oblivion, of reunions and separations. It was Father García de San Francisco y Zúñiga who first introduced wine to Texas. This Spanish priest is the founder of El Paso and planted vines throughout West Texas to produce sacramental wine. The horticulturist Thomas Munson was the one who gave Texan wine its identity later, creating hybrid strains resistant to the pests that during the time had devastated production in France. For centuries, wine production was present in Texas through a few wineries until Prohibition put a stop to the Texan production of wine.

This romance has recently been restarted through high-quality projects and wineries that have made Texas the fourth largest producing state now. All of them followed in the footsteps of Val Verde Winery. This company was the only survivor of prohibition and a link between the boom of the sector in the 70s and the actual renaissance that wine has experienced in Austin and the Hill Country.

For this reason, every time we sit down at a table in the company of a good Austin wine, we are savoring history, passion and endless dreams. We’ve toured Austin’s wineries and wines that define a city’s free and adventurous spirit.

Beyond the Wine

BOXT – Web

Photo: BOXT’s Instagram

This company breaks deep-seated prejudices, sometimes with reason, in the mind of every consumer. For years wine in cardboard has been associated with poor quality. In BOXT, they have shown this belief to be wrong. Once you taste any of the varieties, you realize that you are facing something very special. The most select grapes in the world break on your palate, creating unique moments at home. One of the peculiarities that this female-founded company has is that it is a subscription club, which does not prevent you from finding them in places like Aviator Pizza. BOXT guarantees safe shipping and that you never lack any of its delicacies at your own table. In addition, with this decision, you are helping to protect the environment. Making a glass bottle of wine consumes more than double the CO2 used to make BOXT containers. Based in Austin and California, BOXT is much more than wine, it is a concept of life.

The Essence of the Hill Country

Driftwood Estate WineryMap

The aromas, the colors of the vineyards and of course, the taste of your wine. All are reasons enough to get lost in any of its tasty rooms, in its shop, which you will not forget, or in its bistro. The essence of wine in the Hill Country is found in this spectacular vineyard where you can understand and enjoy an encounter with the finest wines.

Delicious Neighbors

Fall Creek VineyardMap

This place has an invincible advantage. It is none other than its location in front of Salt Lick BBQ, with which it collaborates often. An infallible plan: enjoy one of the best BBQs in Texas and spend the rest of the day in this wine temple built by the Aulers. Ed and Susan have been in the world of wine ever since a life-changing trip to the South of France, 40 years ago. Since then, they have managed to transfer the best of European wine culture to their barrels, as their characteristic Tempranillo demonstrates.

In the Heart of Austin

The Austin WineryMap

The great advantage of this winery is that it is in downtown Austin. But its location not only denotes convenience but very good taste. Albariños, Malbec, Grenache, Tempranillo… Taking a walk around their store is like traveling the world without leaving South Austin, where they arrived in 2017. A must for lovers of good drinks.

Devotion and Tradition


Solaro is devotion and tradition. For more than 100 years, the Solaro family has lived on this huge expanse of land dedicated to wine. Its gigantic patio always welcomes people wanting to have fun and enjoy a few drinks. There, the wine comes from a vast lineage of winemakers. The Solaro family has its roots in Romagna, where their ancestors produced that wine so characteristic of the area that has placed Italy on the map for lovers of good wine.

The Perfect Getaway

Flat Creek EstateMap

There is always an excuse to visit the natural exuberance of Marble Falls. Even more so when you find the incredible views of this two-story winery that has a beautiful vineyard, restaurants, different tasty rooms and an 18-hole golf course. The ideal place for an unforgettable getaway.

Bordeaux, TX

Calais WineryMap


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France has some of the most demanded wine regions in the world. For that reason, we have Benjamin Calais to thank, for the ability to visit Bordeaux without the need for transoceanic flights. Through purely Texan grapes but with French genetics, it has managed to offer us the most characteristics grapes of Bordeaux, from Merlot to Cabernet Sauvignon. An experience that you can extend in your Airbnb. It is worth feeling the breeze of France in these wines with such personality even if it is just one more moment.

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