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AUSTIN AGENDA | October 1st -15th

AUSTIN AGENDA | October 1st -15th

October is a month where Austin flowers every day. Apart from the Austin City Limits, hundreds of fascinating plans await us in the capital of Texas. Our agenda is the best passport to the most unexpected fun.

Porn to Change Minds

Dan Savage Hump Film Festival – From October 4th to October 6 th – Check the festival schedule here – Ironwood Hall. Map – 25€ per session

Everyone is sexy or hides a wild side that deserves to be discovered. We like to see free human nature. That’s why we enjoy this controversial festival.

Dan Savage is a journalist who has dared to give voice to LGBTI groups and different types of sexuality. Fourteen years ago, he created this festival of erotic shorts films made by amateurs. These homemade movies hide interesting reflections on how Americans should consume and produce porn. Twenty-two movies will make us smile with a little spicy necessary.

The Best Pop in Town

St. Vincent – October 5th – 8.30 pm – Stubb´s. Map – $40 / Premium Access: $140

Austin Agenda. St. Vincent
St. Vincent

The Austin City Limits is here. In our guide we tell you about the most incredible experiences of the festival. One of them is undoubtedly enjoying the crazy straight from St. Vincent. For those who can not enjoy the ACL, you can go to Stubb’s and hallucinate with a spectacular show and a creative artist without fear of showing how it is. Her pop is a delight that caresses art and fashion to mold her own style.

A Whiskey Dream

Whiskey 101: Cocktail Workshop – October 6th – 5 – 7 pm – Native Hostel. Map – $60


Savoring a good Whiskey is unparalleled. We are lovers of its oak flavors and the ethic poetry that suppose its best references. In two hours different varieties of Bourbon and Rye will walk through an ideal environment to meet new friends who have a lifestyle similar to yours. Hedonists in search of unforgettable moments that know how to drink your life. So are your companions in this tasting surrounded by the magical environment of the Native Hostel, with the best urban art in the city.

A Weekend to Remember

Gruene Music and Wine Festival – Oct 4th to 7th – Check the schedule here – Gruene. Map – Free

Austin Agenda. Gruene music and wine festival
Gruene Music & Wine Festival

You stroll through a field surrounded by a beautiful environment and you find the best Texan cuisine, the most exclusive wines and a music according to a Western movie scenario. Open your eyes. You are not in a dream.

The Gruene Music and Wine Festival gives us a unique weekend full of the flavors and rhythms of Texas. Michael Martin Murphey, Aaron Watson and Hal Ketchum will be the soundtrack of some unique evenings. The visitor of Gruene lives not only of wine. A fascinating sample of the best craftbeer awaits you in this beautiful town. More than 70 different beers and a market with 21 references closes a weekend for the memory on October 7.

A Tour to Meet Ghosts from Austin

Ghost Walk Tour – Until December 31st – 8.30 pm – Jo’s Coffee. Map – $10 – $20

Agenda Austin. Ghost Walk Tour
Ghost Walk Tour

There is something in the darkness that draws us to them. Stories beyond the grave are always a fascinating part of the legends of cities. The most illustrious ghosts of Austin revive stories of love, lost hope, thieves and vigilantes.

This route through the most fascinating part of Austin will take you to see the faces of the most iconic ghosts of the Texas capital. A fascinating tour that will keep you awake for a night with a script created to make you enjoy scaring.

Stairway to Stardom

Flash Mob Choir – Different dates, prices and locations. Check here

Austin Agenda. Flash mob Chair
Flash Mob Chair

The music is looking for you. You need to sing and dance to feel the brightness of the stars in our body. That’s what Rock it Choir has prepared for an awesome month. Who does not want to captivate the audience with their voice? Start your journey to the musical Olympus with two weeks of fun and learning. A musical camp awaits you with fun group experiences where you can perfect your voice.

For a week the Half Day TransFunNational Experiences will make you a better singer just before starting a week of group rehearsals that will leave you ready for your first live performance. The flashmob on November 4th will be a spectacular prelude to the Music Video Shoot Party, where you can act in front of your new fans and record it to immortalize your musical success.

Do not give up stardom. Have fun making others feel the music you have inside.

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