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Austin City Limits: Love, Heat and Good Music

Austin City Limits: Love, Heat and Good Music

Austin City Limits is an infinite machine of experiences. Everyone finds their place in Zilker Park. An eclectic lineup and a welcoming spirit make you live with all kinds of people and styles. On stage, musicians committed to their audience and causes in favor of diversity give their best with audiovisual shows totally hypnotic. Live the love for the music that is breathed in our review to the best of this hot ACL18.

An Austin City Limits Dream

Equipment to start the adventure: Footwear, comfortable clothes, an empty bottle of water to be recharged for free in the venue and desire for music.

Welcome to ACL! Strolling around the festival environment is amazing. On one side of the imposing Colorado River, Austin’s downtown rises with its luxurious skyscrapers and on the other, a spectacular park converted into a musical amusement park.

No matter who you are, where you come from or who you love, Austin City Limits loves you. Everything is designed so that you have fun living an unforgettable experience. Be tolerant, immerse yourself in the atmosphere of peace and love and open your eyes to everything that is to come.

Austin City Limits

You don’t need much time to visualize the eight stages, the bars, the art market or the ACL Eats, where you can taste the best delights of the city. Tasty tacos from Torchy’s, spectacular empanadas from mmmpanadas, pizzas from Southside Flying Pizza or ice cream from Amy’s await you.

The level of sophistication of all the shows impacts. For that reason, you have to be organized and prioritize. Each concert begins at the exact time scheduled so it is necessary to leave a little before the previous concert to take a place of privilege in the next.

Austin City Limits
ACL Eats

After revealing the best tips we can give you, we review the most delicious experiences and key moments of this Austin City Limits.

Top Experiences – Friday

October 5th-12th

With fresh legs and mind in search of experiences, we find ourselves under the radiant sun of Texas before one of the most creative artists in the world. David Byrne doesn’t need grandiloquents pieces of videoart to make an impact. A metal curtain could barely contain the British’s boundless creativity. His band played and danced in a ritual that involved a Zilker Park surrendered to his theatrical performance.

Austin City Limits
Paul McCartney Show

A few hours later on the same stage American Express appeared on the scene an icon of the twentieth century. Paul McCartney has been part of the lives of millions of people. Some of them endured the heat sitting on chairs for most of the day to see him.

His star appearance left behind the last century to go into the future. A stage full of raised screens and platforms modernized Beatles hymns, which people chanted with devotion. There was also time for themes of his solo career, tributes to his son, his friends George Harrison and John Lennon, and some themes of his new Egypt Station. Some incredible fireworks closed the first day.

The Tears of Bishop Briggs

Austin City Limits
Bishop Briggs

With just a handful of songs behind her, the British conquered the ACL. She did it through tears over her past and smiles that illuminate her present. Her wet eyes recalled her shows at coffee shops when she began her brief career just two years ago. Impossible not to be moved by his humility. Daughter of social media, her rapid success is a positive symptom of this era. Bishop and her urban rock made us vibrate with good music and a spectacular charisma.

The Elegance of Father John Misty

Austin City Limits
Father John Misty

The elegance made artist dressed in white to act in the shade of the Barton Springs stage, one of our favorites. The shadow that this scenario projects is as grateful as its programming. One of those who left a mark there was Father John Misty. The singer-songwriter from Maryland starred in one of the most intimate concerts of the festival with his talented band and that charisma that radiates. Unforgettable.

Maybe Nobody Told You

That Jungle was another of the highlights of the Barton Springs stage. The British band didn’t disappoint and offered their electronic R & B to an audience that received it with passion. A good vibe surrounded a live show where there was no lack of classics or new hits. A fresh breathe on the road.

Austin City Limits

Perhaps nobody haven’t told you that Cuco surprised by his ability to connect with the audience and the eclectic of his proposal. Cuco is pop, rap, or rock varnished by a humble attitude, a trumpet playful and a cool voice.

Two other fascinating concerts were those of Noname and Alvvays.

Top Experiences – Saturday

October 6th-13th

Saturday was perhaps the tightest day on our schedule. A day that ended with the magic of watching Metallica live. The mythical band impacted for 2 hours, where they only left The Unforgiven away of the show among their classic anthems. The spectacular visuals and the corridor that connected the stage with the audience coaxed their thousands of followers.

Austin City Limits

Their sound showed that Metallica is still in shape. A luxury to enjoy their legendary intro with Ecstasy of Gold by Morricone.

Hours before we had enjoyed two British wonders: The Blood Orange street sounds and the Chvrches fantasy pop.

Chatting with Jackie Venson, the Jewel of Austin

Austin City Limits
Jackie Venson

A delight to chat with one of the brightest faces of the new Austin music scene. We were with Jackie Venson talking about her interesting point of view about music. Her show was one of the most intimate of the festival and she played for first time her new song.

A way to see art much more committed to the community than usual. Be attentive to Showmoon to not miss this fascinating interview.

IAMDDB, Queen of British Hip Hop

Austin City Limits

Perhaps one of the most shocking surprises of the festival. We had announced it in our previous and IAMDDB showed on stage Barton Springs ways of new queen of hip hop. Her street rhythms coaxed the lucky few who took advantage of the morning in Zilker Park.

Aesthetics, good themes and charisma in the same artist. Her cannabis and sexual comments are unpayable. Tremendously fun.

Maybe Nobody Told You

Another one of the concerts that we will remember for a long time was Sofi Tukker in the coquettish Tito’s stage. The temperature under the tent was nothing compared to the heat emanating from the stage. A whole rave that made the ACL dance.

Sofi Tukker in Austin City Limits

The Wombats and their indie pop are also very fun. A safe bet to enjoy good rhythm and have fun. Their farewell with a lot of dancing mascots is one of the images of this Saturday in Zilker Park.

Top Experiences – Sunday

October 7th- 14th

Dawn on the third day of Austin City Limits is synonymous with accumulated fatigue and hope for what is to come. The festival closes the weekend with two iconic concerts. Travis Scott and Arctic Monkeys dispute the leadership of the night as the previous day Metallica and Justice.

Austin City Limits
Travis Scott Austin City Limits Show

In view of the crowds of people, Travis was the clear winner. Spectacular his show. The Houston rapper played at home and a human tide made him feel the homelike heat.

He responded with a concert of another level with spectacular visuals, elevated platforms and great songs. Brief but intense. His little time on stage shocked.

Unusual things happen in Austin in each stage. In the Honda, Arizona played their elegant rock when Nate Esquite burst his guitar to the ground. A festival highlight truffled of good songs and contained anger.

The Rezz Party

Austin City Limits

Between concerts there is always time to surprise you. Rezz created a spectacular set with futuristic glasses and stunning visuals that made alter our agenda. Her powerful electronic music called for nocturnality but even the Texas sun couldn´t dissuade the masses from dancing to the rhythm of this crazy Ukrainian DJ.

The Perfect Show by Janelle Monae

Austin City Limits
Janelle Monae

Janelle starred in the perfect show at Austin City Limits. Incredible visuals, sophisticated styling, avant-garde R & B and impossible dances are just a part of something indescribable. In the live show of Janelle, comes together the best black music heiress of James Brown, Michael Jackson and Prince.

But the musical influences do not stop with the music but they are prolonged in choreographies that collect the legacy of James Brown, the Moonwalk of Michael Jackson and the aroma of the street through the twerk. You will rarely see such a show with such a fascinating content.

Austin City Limits

Maybe Nobody Told You

On Sunday we delighted with Elle King, who is going through a fascinating phase of her career. Her incredible band moves us to parties in the barn under a banjo rhythm and the result is inevitable: Dance without rest while enjoying good music.

Austin City Limits
Camila Cabello

Another of the stellar names of the day was Camila Cabello. The latest sensation of commercial Latin music brought together an impressive number of loyal followers demonstrating the millennial convening power. Her curves and dances enlivened the Texas afternoon on Sunday despite the absence of a spectacular show.

An afternoon that provokes nostalgia for the experience and activates the countdown for the Austin City Limits 19.

Austin City Limits
Good Bye ACL!


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