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Habana in Austin, a Foodie Balcony to Cuba

Habana in Austin, a Foodie Balcony to Cuba

The gastronomic Cuba has a temple in Austin, in the middle of an ocean of flavor that travels to the Pearl of the Caribbean. Habana dishes taste nostalgia and coral through recipes that tell stories of a fascinating land. On Congress, Cuba opens a balcony to the most representative cocktails of a unique mixology, the most desired cigars in the world and a tasty cuisine like no other.

“Today, my Havana dresses the best

and more flirtatious than a flower

open its doors and windows.”

Today my Havana. – Xioamara Laugart

The dishes of Habana are a reflection of the passion for the gastronomy of its owners. They tell stories of love and Caribbean memories. This temple to Cuban cuisine opened its doors in 2001 after an adventure started by Ron and Yasbel Flores. Yasbel left her native Cuba in search of a new life when she was just 18 years old.

In Austin, she met Ron and after getting married they began to imagine a place where they could accommodate the centuries-old recipes of Laura, Yasbel’s mother.

Cuban Food - Habana Austin

Cuban cuisine is a fascinating culinary legacy in which the gastronomy of the old Spanish conquerors, the color of indigenous cuisine and a spectacular product is intermingled.

All that foodie heritage emerges in the minds of Laura and Yasbel. Meanwhile, Ron spends the nights experimenting with the tastiest cocktails of Cuba. They had already acquired a place in the middle of SOCO where they could recreate a piece of their long-awaited island.

Habana Restaurant - Austin

A Tropical Sea Of Culinary Sensations

Since then, Austin travels through the Caribbean with its glittering menu divided into two: lunch and dinner. Its morning dishes are a summary of the nightly menu. It offers different dishes of beef, chicken and pork, shrimp and a vegetarian proposal. Also, sandwiches with Cuban Son await lovers of delights between breads.

In Showmoon, we are nocturnal and for that reason we love to spend the nights in Habana. Around that time is when the place shines with more intensity. It is worthwhile to enjoy Habana without a time limit in a long evening divided into three phases.

Everything begins with a special moment where you can taste different cocktails, submerge in its Mojitos and meet a variety of rum unknown in the Texas capital with a Cuba Libre flavor.

Habana Austin

If you close your eyes, you taste the contents of your glass, you perceive the smells coming from the kitchen and you let yourself be coaxed by the music that sounds in the background, you will think you are in the old Tropicana or in La Bodeguita del Medio.

After opening the hunger with these delights, comes a complicated moment: the choice among so many tempting proposals. Walking through El Malecón observing the sunset is possible in Texas. Dishes as fascinating as Ropa Vieja, Lechón or the Cuban Sandwich generate a revolution in your papilla that transports you to the beaches of Havana.

Ropa Vieja is a Cuban classic based on roasted meat with a spicy tomato base, accompanied by rice, tostones and beans. A delight preceded by tasty appetizers such as the Tostones themselves, a tender banana flavored with mojo, fried or mojo Yuca, Croquettes, Ceviche or the sumptuous Cuban Nachos.

Ropa Vieja & Lechón - Habana Austin
Ropa Vieja & Lechón

Unforgettable Cuban Pleasures

The Lechón and its tender pork is another irresistible recipe, although in the Caribbean Sea you will find fascinating fish and prawns to satisfy your marine cravings. Despite this, a good Picadillo, Cuba Empanada, an exquisite pork empanada, Vaca Frita or Habana Chicken are options that will make you return to its kitchen.

In addition to their vegetarian proposals, which are always welcome, one last surprise awaits you in Habana. On weekends, Paella and Sangría pay tribute to Spanish cuisine in a flavorful fusion of atmospheres and flavors.

After these wonders and other hidden treasures in the Sierra Madre that emerges from the Habana’s kitchen, dessert is a liturgy that you should not renounce. Tres Leches or Cuban Flan will leave you ecstatic in the company of a cocktail.

Café Cubano - Habana Austin
Cuban Coffee

It is the previous one to drink the soul of Varadero through a delicious Café Cubano, the rum version of the typical Irish Coffee of the island, which creates a poetry with three verses: coffee, cream and rum.

But Habana is not just a culinary experience, it’s a passport to Cuba. After dessert, it’s time to taste a Kuba Kuba, a Romeo and Juliet or one of the most representative Habanos.

A luxury to enjoy your bungalow-shaped terrace and dream of the crystalline Caribbean water. One smoke of nostalgia will invade you with the last puff of your Habano tobacco. A Cuban Son will accompany you back home and a sweet singing voice will show you the way back to Habana, the Texas balcony to Cuba.

“I feel the deep pain of your departure

and I cry without you knowing that my crying

has black tears. “

Black Tears – Miguel Matamoros

Habana Austin

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