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Takoba: One World in Every Bite

Takoba: One World in Every Bite

Takoba is a fascinating journey through the world in every bite. Their new menu reflects the reality of Austin: endless cultures and colors united to shine and surprise. The return of Takoba seduces and makes us meet again with this corner of Texas since their departure, as Chavela Vargas would say, I have not had moonlight, gastronomically speaking.

One World, One Kitchen

The fusion food makes its way into Austin. In it, a bite leads us to techniques, textures and flavors scattered throughout the globe. A surprise in each shade, a boat trip to unexpected corners and a long taste in the mouth that lead to ecstasy. This is the new Takoba menu.


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It’s Friday and the sun is out ☀️ how about a drink and trying some of our delicious plates made by our chef 👨‍🍳 @chef_giffuni

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Author cuisine is to put your personality in what you do and that feeling, translates into something different. ” Ferran Adria.

Leaving from a port as exquisite as Mexican cuisine, Rubén Giffuni has taken the helm of Takoba to explore new routes. Speaking with him is part of the Takoba experience. His baggage and wisdom impress. Rubén is Venezuelan and worked in Spain for 7 years, at key points in European gastronomy such as Madrid.

There, he discovered the modern cuisine techniques that are revolutionizing the stoves throughout the world. The presentation of his dishes are a good example of these new ways of presenting plates in times of Instagram.

The New Takoba by Rubén Giffuni

But beyond the technique there is a world of exploration and fusion. Without borders or passports, Takoba’s menu is a poem of loose culinary verses. Here, new routes are opened from Mexico to Austin, with stops in the Mediterranean or Latin America.

Their ceviches prove it, a plate where the imagination flies and the palate swims between spicy and sweet delights. Cilantros that appear and disappear, spices that fly to your mind and a flavor that deserves to be savored slowly to understand all the verses of this unchained melody.

Red Ceviche en Takoba
Red Ceviche


Don’t take anything for granted, dear friend, at your placid Takoba’s table. His Red Ceviche is perhaps the best gateway to the new universe that Rubén has brought from Venezuela and Europe for the merger with Mexico in Texas. His Aguachile competes with his ceviches in flavors that linger in your mouth. Never a shrimp has had so much to say to your palate. We will hardly forget the bait of this marvel, exotic and seductive.

Going through new culinary routes.

Once you have sailed in the kitchen of Takoba, there are no descents of this ship that sails every day in search of the bravest recipes of the city. Absorbed in the endless possibilities of this delicious menu, you may not forget to duly match the fruits of Rubén’s creative talent.

The cocktail menu is a faithful companion to the delights of Takoba, from the sweetness of the Habanero Mango to the citrus ecstasy of the Maracuyá, or the beauty of the Mezcarita. The cocktails are more than secondary actors. They make each dish grow.


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Michelada: Spicy Tomato Mix, Lime, Salt, and XX Lager — Get this bad boy starting at 4pm today! 🍹 #takobaisback

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Suddenly, the Arroz a las tres vueltas rises to turn paella into Mexican with a spicy season that makes it irresistible. The rice lovers may get carried away by the romantic airs of old Italy and have tasted a rissotto with seafood that you have never imagined. A marvel to dazzle the most exquisite sybarite. We turn from the Mediterranean to get lost in Mexico.

Mole is undoubtedly the most complex dish of Mexican cuisine. It requires the color and surrealism of Frida and the expressionism of Diego Ribera. Rubén gets both in the most beautiful presentation of a mole we have seen. Beauty that wraps a steak, in its tastiest version, or chicken. Shades fly and the imagination travels in a thousand opposite directions. A work of art.

Steak Mole
Steak Mole

The excellence is in the diversity and in the way to progress is to know and compare the diversities of products, cultures and techniques.” Alain Ducasse.

Sweet Goodbye from Takoba

Although, you may be tempted by a foodie dream like Lengua or shrimp a la diabla, we recommend you to be cautious. There is still a port on this route that you must visit. Rubén’s desserts are the quintessential philosophy of the new Takoba travel.

It is difficult to surprise with a glass of Tres Leches. There are as many versions as there are inhabitants of Latin America. For that reason, it has as much merit as the creativity of this dessert in Takoba. A perfect broach if it were not because another masterpiece still awaits you, which we turned into the dock of goodbye, the return of our trip. Elote Flan wonders. Its tender texture hides brave flavors that will make you take out the handkerchief and say goodbye to this place with exalted emotions.

Tres Leches
Tres Leches

Long nights without Takoba had left us the sorrow of absence and created expectations resulting from memories that exaggerate reality. But beyond the nostalgia we have found a state-of-the-art menu that marks the way forward in the Latin food in Austin. Beauty, taste, fusion. All these concepts have made me return to Europe and discover Latin America again, in an evening that my Instagram nor I will forget.

Please, passage for two in that dreamer ship that is Takoba. I want to travel the world again.

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