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Loro, Two Worlds of Pleasures United

Loro, Two Worlds of Pleasures United

Loro is a place in your mind. A foodie dream in which two distant cultures come together to create something beautiful and unusual. The indomitable spirit of the Texas Smokehouse is allied with Asia to refine its flavors while maintaining an unbeatable product. Asia wanders through Texas on Austin’s latest Instagram phenomenon. Much more than a nice photo. Sit at the table with us.

If you already thought about it, dare; If you already dared, do not think about it.

Japanese proverb

As if it were a Japanese proverb, Loro contains a hidden truism. The sum of the oriental magic of the Uchi restaurant and the carnivorous passion of Franklin’s, an icon of Texas bbq, can only be an object of unsuspected culinary desire.

Two Worlds United in the Kitchen

Photo: Loro Facebook

All the knowledge in the kitchen of Tyson Cole acquired in his years as a cook in Kyoto and his experience in Uchi, where he has created the most radiant Japanese cuisine in the city, hatches in Loro. From Uchi has brought ideas and flavors that have already been shaped to adapt the delicacies of the Orient to any palate.

At his side, a symbol of Texas cuisine appears as Aaron Franklin. His restaurant has long since crossed the borders of Austin through his reputation gained through a contagious devotion to meat. From Texas prairies, Franklin’s jumped on television and personalities like Barack Obama, have not been able to resist his exuberant bbq.

Both have the James Bearn prize in their showcases. Two institutions, two distant worlds, two ways of seeing the kitchen come together to create Loro. Behind that beautiful wrap worthy of Instagram hides a unique and fascinating proposal.

The Foodie Spell of Loro


A spell visits your plate and in each bite your mouth kisses distant and nearby cuisines. Culinary follies worthy of a haiku or perhaps a country song you cross your senses. Discontinuous staphs where there is room to enjoy the best Texas meat seasoned with an irresistible mantle of spices and Asian techniques. Beauty on the plate and symphony of flavors on the palate. This is Loro.

But the right thing to do is to start at the beginning. That warmth worthy of the decoration of a good Izakaya offers wonderful comfort. You can choose between different environments, but apart from the stylish terrace, the bar gains a hypnotic protagonism. It attracts for being the perfect refuge to enjoy a sensory experience as intense as that offered by Loro.


There, Loro mutates. Its brewing flavors and cocktails irrigate our impatient spirits eager to follow the path of the East.

The menu is tempting and among the many irresistible sins that appear we opt for satisfying our gluttony with a fabulous Candle Kettle Corn based on brisket and togarashi, a spicy Japanese chili that will test any fusion concept to which you are accustomed. Small details that make Loro the perfect fusion.

The Kitchen is Alchemy of Love.

Guy de Maupassant

Come with us, a caress is about to come to your mouth. That furtive kiss you get when you savor Chicken Karaage with its chicken body, aioli chilli and salt coming from Szechuan. Its presentation and its textures will make you go crazy as a preliminary step to some seductive Noodles like none. Undoubtedly, the aroma of pineapple, mint, corinto, cashew nuts and fish sauce that give off its condiments are a culinary odyssey that deserves to be lived.

Chiken Kaarage

Visions of Another Way of Understanding the Kitchen

If you visit this dimensional portal to the most sophisticated kitchen from 5pm you will find a smoked Brisket with Thai herbs that stands out on your foodie wish list.

Not everything in this steakhouse is a carnivorous poem, plants have a lot to say in this exquisite menu. The Papaya Salad, Curry, Sausage, Thai Chili and Peanut Sauce compete in flavor and beauty with the rest of the dishes of the Loro menu.

Another interesting option prior to their sublime desserts are the Rice Bowls, where Malaysian flavors bring you cuisines from an unknown world. Although, in Loro there is always a proposal that fulfills all your wishes. The tastiest happy hour in Austin hides succulent prices and a hamburger that is at the top of the available in the city. A good way to get closer to the flavors of the place.

Loro Happy Hour

Let Your Diet Be Your Medicine.

Japanese proverb

Closing an evening at Loro is difficult. Its spacious room and its stylish terrace are designed to keep you in an eternal aftermath, dreaming of that fusion of East and West that Uchi and Franklin’s have carried out.

When you return to your routine through Lamar you may be surprised to imagine geishas instead of passers-by and your mind travels to a Japanese garden as flowery as the dishes you just tasted. That is the magic of Loro, a bridge between two cultures such as Showmoon Magazine.

Average price: $25-30 2115 S Lamar Ave. Map


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