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Sabor Tapatío: A Food Truck Turned Into a Must Destination

Sabor Tapatío: A Food Truck Turned Into a Must Destination

There are places that choose you. They arise in your life in unexpected ways to become an important part of your experience in a city. Sabor Tapatío has that kind of magic of the unexpected. Only a few outdoor signs alert you to this food truck on South Congress and warn you of its existence. They are suggestive enough to delve you into this fascinating universe. A new world arrived from Jalisco.

Once inside, it’s as if a magician guides your steps and fulfills all your gastronomic chimeras. Difficult is similar to the exquisite flavor that awaits you there in Sabor Tapatío. Austin’s most exquisite food truck brings us closer to Jalisco’s fabulous cuisine. This Mexican state has a special taste that fascinates us on the first bite.

The hospitality of the place is important from its place of origin and is manifested in the comfort of its covered patio, the friendliness of its people and in the fact that the beer flows free on special occasions such as sporting events or weekends. But what will make you sigh with pleasure and return again and again are their tacos.

Sabor Tapatío
Photo: Sabor Tapatío Facebook Page

Despite the huge variety of tacos that exist in Austin, nowhere else has that flavor been born to fall in love with. Pastor, lengua, tripas, carnitas, suadero … No matter what you ask for, your palate rushes to success in each of the choices you make.

From Jalisco, reached authentic menudos and some fabulous mini-tacos that are another of the star products of Sabor Tapatío. Beyond the most typical, the menu of the place always leaves you wanting to try some more delights.

Photo: Sabor Tapatío Facebook Page

Leave your watch at home, disconnect from everything around once you leave your car parked in its comfortable parking lot, let time fly in search of good times and a lot of Tapatío flavor.

This bridge to Guadalajara is just the beginning of a special relationship that will last over time. It will be that cheap and easy resource to enjoy an afternoon away from home. You will not want to go to any other foodtruck and thus you will slowly realize the hidden truth that we tell in the first line of this passionate article. Sabor Tapatío chooses you and not the other way around. This place has a special charm that you will never forget.

It is time to enter an exquisite parallel universe. You dare? Beer is free and the favor is unlimited over there. Have a great trip to the Texan Guadalajara.

Sabor Tapatío – 5604 S Congress- $

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Sabor Tapatío

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