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Austin Spirits You Must Try

Austin Spirits You Must Try

Austin has become an oasis of handcrafted spirits. In Travis County, all kinds of liquors are made, witch it adds a unique color to the city’s bars. Beyond consolidated icons such as Deep Eddy, Dulce Vida or Tito’s, countless distilleries aspire to establish themselves in the handcrafted alcohol market in America. We’ve searched for Austin’s most unusual spirits and found unique references that you must try.

In Austin, you can check the enviable health of handcrafted spirits market anticipating a new era where artisan becomes a benchmark. A change of mentality in the consumer that opens a new world for us. Come drink Austin with these spirits that you must discover. A toast to all this alchemists!

A Whiskey with Deep Roots

Milam & Greene Whiskey –  Distillery: 208 Carlie Ln, Blanco, TX.


Their whiskeys honor the memory of Ben Milam, who was part of the Texas Freedom Fighters that shaped Texas today. Her descendant Marsha Milam has been able to give their whiskeys, bourbons and ryes a personality in keeping with her ancestor. A lineage that you can drink and savor in its distillery, where you can soak up the love for a whiskey that deserves each of the awards it has received.

A Nightly and Bohemian Vodka

Good Night Loving Vodka – Distillery: 12440 Trail Driver #103, Austin. (Temporary closed)


We talked about this irreverent vodka in this interesting interview with Gary Crowell, the person behind other mythical Austinite liqueurs such as Deep Eddy or Nine Banded Whiskey, and creator of this distilled delight. Passionate like a 70s cocktail, Good Night Loving Vodka is a cool drink that fits in with the laid-back spirit of the city and has a modern and urban aesthetic. GNL has a mild but aromatic flavor to enjoy in every drink. Its distillery is a beautiful place with a pleasant backyard and a bar ready to entertain you with its exquisite creations.

A New Generation of Tequila

Tequila 512 


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This tequila unites tradition and innovation in each bottle. The creator of the brand Scott Willis traveled to Jalisco with a mission: to find the genuine flavors of this distillate. On the way to Austin, he was correcting his recipe to decant some 100% agave and triple distillation wonders. His Blanco Tequila became one of Austin’s favorite tequilas, although his most fascinating creations are undoubtedly the Reposado Tequila and the bronzed body of his Añejo, aged for more than 12 months.

Austin Discovers The Best Mezcal



The other wonder that comes from the agave is Mezcal. This liquor is for the brave and Susto sums up the courage that savoring this delicacy offers. Susto is made in Mexico but based in Austin and is based on ancestral recipes that turn its mezcal into a smooth and delicious product indicated to drink in any circumstance or experiment with it in creative cocktails. Do not scare and take a Susto.

Spring Whiskey

Nine Banded Whiskey


Drinking this whiskey is drinking Austin. The water that runs through its veins comes from the Texas Hill Country and you can feel it on the palate. Its mild taste is a delight worth savoring over and over again. The secret of this refined Bourbon is in its mixture of corn, rye and malted barley in proportions that demonstrate its craftsmanship and unique good taste. A delight that tastes like Austin.

Smooth Like Austin

Dripping Springs Vodka – Distillery: 5330 Bell Springs Rd, Dripping Springs, TX.


The vodka from this distillery competes with its gin to conquer our lips. The crystalline water from the Hill Country Artesian Spring is evident in the differential flavors of these handcrafted wonders that are created through copper stills from which balanced and very attractive liquors emerge. At its Dripping Springs distillery, you can have a unique tasting experience savoring their delicious gins and vodkas. Remember to book in advance because due to the measures taken to prevent the spread of COVID, a prior reservation is required for a visit that is definitely worth it.

An Experience In Every Drink

Revolution Spirits – Distillery; 12345 Pauls Valley Rd, Austin.


Visiting this distillery is a journey to find the best gin. Its flavor is powerful but at the same time soft and aromatic. Its blend of botanicals turns a drink into an incredible experience. Something that you can taste in Dripping Springs in a quiet and very foodie environment that is well worth an unforgettable visit.

A Trip to Asia

Texas Sake – Distillery; 5501 N Lamar Blvd, Austin.


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Austin also dives into the streets of Asia to offer us a sake with personality that maintains the essences of this Japanese liquor, although with very Austinites nuances. In North Lamar, they create two equally irresistible types of sake, Junmai and Junmai Nigori. A visit to this distillery is a fascinating journey through the most genuine flavors of Asia.

Texas Scented Tequila

Republic Tequila


What is most striking at first glance about this tequila is its bottle in the shape of Texas. But don’t let this beauty blind you. Inside it hides the magic of the Blue Agave planted in a dormant volcano in the heart of Mexico. Its aging process turns this raw material into a unique delight that make you fall in love with each of its varieties, from Reposado to Extraviejo with maturations ranging from 7 to 3 years. Since 2018, it’s part of the Dripping Springs Distillery. Another tequila, por favor!

A Love Story

Hye Rum – 11247 W, US-290, Hye, TX.


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Although it is not the liquor that Texas is associated with, there are many pirate drink lovers in Austin. All of them are in luck. Hye’s handcrafted rum is a good alternative to Cuban, Dominican or Venezuelan rums. Its spiced and dark varieties are a delight that invite you to drink them alone or in the company of a cocktail. Lovers of white rum will also find in Hye a tasty and very smooth variety. Its tasting room is an unavoidable destination for lovers of good rum. Do not hesitate to visit them, rum lover.

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