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22 Hot Spots Where You Can Taste Austin’s Best Coffee

22 Hot Spots Where You Can Taste Austin’s Best Coffee

Coffee is a divine gift and a delicious concoction from Arabia that is part of our lives. We owe it to an observing pastor intrigued by the sedative effect that some beans had on their goats. Since then it has become our favorite addiction.

In Austin there are places where coffee becomes a small work of distilled art. In our selection you can get lost in the oceans of taste of Ethiopian, Colombian or Jamaican coffee and enjoy dream places. Come with us to feel the love for Austin’s coffee.

Bohemian Coffee

Radio Coffee & BeerMap

Coffee - Café
In the Radio Coffee

Radio is a unique creator of experiences. Its variety of organic coffees from the most prestigious plantations in the world are the kings of an evening in which the hours have coffee aroma and fly fast. In its patio, hipsters and bohemians can feel the heavenly mantle of a spectacular soundtrack. Its craft beers are a perfect complement to amazing coffees. And if that was not enough, you can try one of the best tacos in America at Veracruz All-Natural Food Truck. Its Fish Taco will inspire you great afternoons to remember.


Flitch CoffeeMap

Coffee - Café
Flitch. Photo: Flitch Facebook

Maybe, it’s the most aesthetic food truck in Austin. A kind of train car that takes you to the most fascinating coffees. This tour through the most delicious aromas begins at Tillery Street with stops in tasty places of the world. In its patio, you can have many hours of fun and although many coffee addicts are just passing through, it is worth staying a while in this inspiring place.

Sophisticated Coffee

Epoch CoffeeMap

Coffee - Café
Epoch Coffee. Photo: Epoch Facebook

There are places that seem to come out of a Hopper painting. Epoch is one of them. Its facade of dinner hides a place where the word sophistication makes sense. Its elegant decoration is a great excuse to spend hours savoring organic coffees. Your palate will find a perfect home to feel free and explore unusual flavors. Their coffee accompanied by their exquisite bakery will make the Epoch one of your favorite places. Do not miss its Dirty Chai Latte, one of its most delicious creations.

Flavor Hotel

Hot L CoffeeMap

Coffee - Café
Photo: Hot L Coffee

This hotel is not what it seems. It’s more like the kitchen of your dreams than a conventional coffee shop. Its kitchen reminds us of the traditional Italian trattoria but with a more sophisticated decoration. In this space with a unique charm you can taste different coffees and accompany their aromas with the creations of Grae Nonas, the chef of the hotel that gives name to this irresistible coffee shop. Pizzas, Kolaches or sandwiches will turn your coffee experience into the home where you’ll want to wake up every morning.

A Hidden Garden

Bennu Coffee on CongressMap

Coffee - Café
Afternoon at Bennu Coffee

Bennu is a hidden garden in Riverside. A jewel lost in the asphalt jungle of Austin to which to go as an oasis of tranquility. Free Wi-Fi and a 24/7 schedule make it an essential office for any worker who loves coffee. Its wooden interior is crowned by an Italian coffee machine whose espressos are worthy of a sigh. Its landscaped terrace will give you great moments in the company of a Cappuccino or a delicious bakery.

The Coffee House

Seventh Flag CoffeeMap

Coffee - Café
The Seventh Flag Coffee’s frontyard

Seventh Flag is a song to modernity. It is a space of wood and bohemian air with a coffee selection and a bakery that will delight the most demanding coffee lovers. Seventh Flag has a spectacular coffee based on some traveler beans that arrive from the best producing countries. Its appearance as a house gives you a garden in which to enjoy a day of work, a meeting or a date in an unbeatable location. Without a doubt, a place to get lost and let the hours go by.

Coffee by the Lake


Coffee - Café
Christmas Lights at Mozart’s

Mozart’s has been a symbol of the city since 1993. Few places in Austin have managed to generate as many dreams as this charming cafe. Its Christmas lights are already a beautiful tradition that every year is renewed with a spectacular audiovisual show. During the rest of the months, its calm quietness and its dream views of Lake Austin make us return again and again to their coffees and bakery. On their wooden benches we can laugh, cry, relax while enjoying the coffee and its spectacular view. Long live Mozart’s!

Latin Spicy

Nena’i CoffeeMap

Coffee - Café
Nana’i Coffee

Nena’i adds a point of Latin flavor to our list. Its name in Guaraní means little girl and that’s how the owner’s grandmother used to call her during her childhood. That homey aroma is breathed in this place with an exuberant menu of delights: Argentinian Empanadas, Venezuelan Arepas or Chipa from Paraguay. Its flavors are perfectly matched with a Latin-inspired coffee that will surprise you. The sweet temptation of alfajores or Nenaí’s bollos will be part of one of the best breakfasts of your life.

Japan in Austin

Sa – TénMap

Coffee - Café
Photo: Sa-Ten Facebook

Sa-Tén is the most refined exoticism. In their cafes you can see the flowering trees of Japan. Everything in its menu unites beauty and flavor. There, you can enjoy a healthy and tasty cuisine of clear Japanese inspiration. Bowls, Salads and Toasts will turn your visit into a foodie high class level experience accompanied, sometimes, by Bossanovas live in concert. A Zen garden to return to.

Coffee to Feel


Coffee - Café

We declare ourselves fans of its iced coffee, its spectacular terrace with suggestive sculptures and the charm of its wooden interior. A perfect place to work or make your mind fly in the middle of an idyllic garden. Cenote also has a selection of organic food where their fabulous tortillas stand out. No time is lost in this place of Austin.

Pastry to Fall in Love


Coffee - Café
Photo: Mañana Facebook

Mañana is the ideal place to taste the most exquisite pastries in the city. A delight that accompanies a variety of select coffees. In this place decorated with beautiful tiles you can enjoy succulent Cappuccinos, Machiatos, or iced coffee. They have a great wine and beer list in a same space dedicated to making you happy.

Classics Never Die


Coffee - Café
The soul of Austin in a wall. Jo’s

Jo’s is a part of Austin. Its mural I Love You So Much sums up the friendly and happy nature of the city. In this coquettish place on Congress, you can taste tacos and coffees while feeling the vibes of a legendary street. Jo’s joins the Austin of yesterday and tomorrow through its exquisite coffees that you can enjoy sitting comfortably or on a beautiful walk through Congress.

The Coffee is a Punk Rocker

Kick Butt CoffeeMap

Coffee - Café
Kick Butt Coffee

This place is probably the most unclassifiable cafe on the list and that’s why we love it. This place has an excellent selection of beers, a delicious cuisine with an oriental inspiration and an incredible devotion for martial arts and Chuck Norris. It also organizes Punk and Jazz festivals. What more can we ask? Its coffee has musical notes that fascinate us and that make it an essential in Austin.

The Heaven of the Coffee Lover

Machine Head CoffeeMap

Coffee - Café
Machine Head Coffee

If there is a place where the true coffee lover is in paradise, that is Machine Head. Its menu seems simple, but it contains marvels that are worth to be tasted calmly, perceiving all its aromas in the mouth. Its espresso or its cortado are among our coffee dreams. If you want to leave its delicious coffee just for a day, you may want to try KTONIC Kombucha, an exotic wonder that justifies the visit to such an amazing place.

The Coffee in a Suit

Houndstooth CoffeeMap

Coffee - Café
Houndstooth Coffee

This place exudes an elegance inherited from the trendiest European coffee shops. It is worth living the experience calmly by sitting down and tasting one or several of its coffee delights. Allow time to write a poem or perhaps a recipe book with the coffees that you can buy in its store. Its coffee machine already points you to the path of perfect coffee. At your table, your cup confirms it.

Taste & Coffee

Fleet CoffeeMap

Coffee - Café
Photo: Fleet Coffee Facebook

Fleet is the perfect place to greet the day with style and energy. Its beautiful premise hides a delicious coffee. Cappuccino, American, Espresso … but none like its special Cortado The Ritual. A delight that deserves not to be alone. From the menu of its friends Veracruz All – Natural sprout fabulous tacos and from Sour Duck Market, arise authentic Danish pastries, Kolaches, Cookies and a Pecan Muffin that defies any diet for its incomparable taste. Fleet will be your daydream.

Coffee on Wheels

Idlewild on No Comply Skate ShopMap

Coffee - Café
Photo: Idlewild Facebook

Idlewild is the ultimate urban experience. Its skate vibe is irresistible. It is because it shares space with No-Comply Skate Shop. To enjoy the brew is a unique sensation. Coffees from Guatemala and Ethiopia will make your palate very happy. A feeling you can repeat at home after buying its incredible selection ready to seduce your coffee maker.

Beer & Coffee


Coffee - Café

The Stout beers knew how to fuse that love between beer and coffee like nothing else. That’s why they give name to that sophisticated pub where both pleasures live happily in the company of tacos, salads and sandwiches. Craft beers and organic coffees are the kings of a bohemian place that looks like something out of a television ad. Few places are so evocative in Austin. Once inside, say goodbye to the clock, the time then belongs to Stouthaus.

The World in One Place

Trianon CoffeeMap

Coffee - Café
Photo: Trianon Coffee

Trianon is a world coffee atlas. Inside you can buy and drink coffee from Brazil, Jamaica, Costa Rica, Colombia, Peru, Ethiopia or Guatemala. In only a few places in the world you will find such a coffee offer. These wonders appear in your cup through its espressos or its delicious Café au lait. On Mondays you can find a Jamaica Blue Mountain, the best coffee in the world.  Mondays will never be sad again.

Coffee at Day, Beer at Night


Coffee - Café
Photo: Spokesman Facebook

Another place to find the world under one roof is Spokesman. This beautiful place has fascinating varieties brought from Ethiopia, Kenya, Colombia or Brazil. It has a wide menu of food, awesome urban art and a few fun nights watered in the best craft beer. By day coffee and by night brewery, because every kind of day has its moment at Spokesman.

Parallel Universes

Cosmic Coffee Beer GardenMap

Coffee - Café
Cosmic Garden Coffee

There is a corner of Austin that belongs to a distant universe. This paradise has a beautiful ecological garden and a cosmo of peace and nature, with zen fountains, chickens and plants everywhere. A special air is breathed there. The most unusual coffees await you in this beautiful place. Its Coffee Lemonade is a work of art that shines among fabulous cocktails, craft beers, wines and coffees like Carajillo or Irish Coffee. The ecstasy of flavor is accompanied by the delights of three food trucks with very interesting proposals: the exquisite bbq of Le Roy & Lewis, the delicious Mexican streetfood of Pueblo Viejo and the wings of Tommy Want Wingy. This forms a cosmic experience that you must live.

Bonus Track: Instagram Power

Kendra ScottMap

Coffee - Café
Kendra Scott

The power of Instagram has become more evident every day. If you are active on social media in the Austin area you have already seen the breakfasts of this flagship fashion brand Kendra Scott. A different proposal that combines, coffee, Instagram, Fashion and Bakery.

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