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The Hidden Amulet in the Art of Abraham Mojica

The Hidden Amulet in the Art of Abraham Mojica

The art of Abraham Mojica is a maze in which his own past, a halo of protection based on numerology and a radiant beauty are reflected. A different and fascinating universe that flows naturally without the need for an art school or tanning in urban art as a previous step to creation.

We immerse ourselves in his world of numbers and positive messages hidden behind the beauty of a horse, a bull, a woman, an astronaut or any of the delights that this Mexican artist based in San Antonio draws. We invite you to meet the next big thing of art.

Visiting the Creative Universe of Abraham Mojica

We visited Abraham’s studio in San Antonio, where the artist opens the doors of a stunning artistic world. His life seems to be intertwined in a canvas that tells adventures that few current artists have lived.

His life has taken him through fascinating territories. I worked as a stripper, in a circus, and in different jobs before focusing on the art completely.

But inside he had an innate talent to create that a good day emerged to illuminate the new artistic panorama of San Antonio. For different reasons in life, painting became a therapy. I never had pretensions to sell a painting, but art helped me disconnect from the world and reconnect with myself.

One day he was walking on the streets with one of his spectacular works under his arm when an unknown passer-by, insisted on buying his canvas. It was surprising, I never imagined that I could sell a painting. This was my first painting. That person insisted in such a way that I decided to sell it to him. It was not an epiphany, but if he discovered that my work could be interesting.

Art as Liberation

With his partner he moved to the United States almost two decades ago. At first it was difficult to adapt to the competitive American labor market. I was very tempted to return to Mexico many times. I worked non-stop and all I did was go to work, get home, watch TV a bit, sleep, and back to work. Always the same routine. It was not life. The life is for enjoy it. In the United States, work prevents you from taking some beers with friends in the afternoon or enjoying long table conversations as in Spain or Mexico. That more carefree lifestyle was part of my immigrant nostalgia.

Abraham Mojica

But artists always find paths when the rest only see mazes. For that reason, he looked again for an escape valve that has led him to be one of the Latin artists of the moment. I was so tired of working and not enjoying my life that I sought refuge in art. I began to see it as a job opportunity that allowed me to be my own boss and have absolute freedom.

Abraham has San Antonio turned into in his artistic camp base. The city is growing in terms of art and new possibilities open continuously, but it is necessary to travel to other cities to be able to show your works at fairs and to private clients. But I like San Antonio, it is not congested with traffic and it is a nice place to live.

Abraham Mojica, Differentiate to Shine

In this artistic hub, his paintings began to dazzle by being different from what is being done in the current art. His art is figurative and abstract at the same time. It contains protective messages and passages from Abraham’s life that hide deliciously in a colorful canvas that has urban art vibes.

Despite this, the Mexican artist acknowledges that he has never painted on the street. I love urban art and I would love to make a mural one day. I do not rule. Nor have I attended any art school and although I love many painters, I try not to pay much attention to the works of other artists to keep me cool and do something different. In this market, differentiate is the key.

Abraham Mojica

His reminiscences of urban art are a real rarity in the current art covered by artists who have excelled in the murals of large cities being an artist with no experience in the streets.

However, Abraham finds urban art a fascinating evolution of art. It is a democratization that allows many people to access the works, but I never got involved in it. The passage from the street to the museum seems like good news because every artist deserves recognition and needs to eat. Urban art is a trend that has come to stay, but it will evolve and transform.

Numbers and Amulets

In his paintings are hidden amulets based on numerology and endless protection codes that bring good wishes and good vibes to his works. I think art is also a protection. When you hang something at home it transforms your mood. It is part of you and should serve to make you feel good. That’s why I study the Codes and meanings of the numbers to provide that protection and good luck that my pictures convey. I never repeat them because I want the work to choose their owner and that each of them transmits something personal and non-transferable.

Abraham Mojica

Each number, each stroke, each symbol has a special and unique meaning. They hide behind figures who know how to fuse beauty, strength and positivism. I also use many references to my life as scales that represent my past in the circus and other symbols that serve me to connect with the work.

His series are limited. Abraham does not believe in repetition. His inspiration guides him through each painting, though: like every artist I pay attention to what happens around me. But I am more interested in things like numerology, something I study deeply because the meaning of each figure that I include in my works must be real.

Artist’s Life

He acknowledges that he is not very proficient in new technologies, although he keeps incessant contact with his followers through social networks. I’m not very interested in video art or digital art. Maybe in the future I will explore these paths, but now I am more interested in locking myself in my studio with some beers and good music to create with calm.


Abraham Mojica is a multidisciplinary artist. Despite excelling in painting, Abraham has another great artistic passion. I love to sculpt. Modeling an amorphous piece of mud and creating something out of nothing excites me. It is the authentic art, direct from the mind to the work. Although, I could not live without painting either. Now I do less than I would like because I travel a lot to sell my works. It is the paradox of the artist whose main job is not to create but to sell.

From the outside it may seem that the artist lives isolated in a bohemian guard painting incessantly, but it is not so. Abraham Mojica confirms this: Many people tell me that they would love to be an artist, dedicate themselves only to painting and have no worries. But it is not true. Painting is a very low percentage of my work time. At least in my case I spend more time traveling and meeting people than creating. It is something I do not like too much because I prefer to paint or sculpt, but if I want to live on art, I have to be in constant motion. I hope in the future to have a team that does these tasks for me and focus more on the study work, but I don’t dislike personal treatment with people either.

The Vertiginous Art Market in the United States

The art market in the United States flies at a dizzying pace. You have to know how to move and sell, something that highlights Abraham with an honesty and a personality that hooks anyone who listens to his story. He currently counts on Michele Krier as a press agent who helps him spread his talent.

I do not usually exhibit in large galleries. I think it is more productive to know the client personally. I attend art fairs, but where I better move is in informal meetings. I like to party and have fun and in certain stricter environments that look different, bohemian or cool.

Meetings in private parties, yachts or select environments, where Abraham acts with a naturalness, helps present his spectacular work to future clients in such a relaxed way that the border between friendship and business is blurred. His works have led him to be one of the most demanded artists by large corporations and private clients who seek in their paintings a point of distinction and protection.

Forbes Magazine and USA Today have already placed Abraham as an upward trend in art in the United States. Conversing with him does not seem so. It maintains a fierce naturalness of the common and its feet on the ground. Far from the great egos, Abraham Mojica lives in the real world helping to transform it, into something beautiful and with good vibes.

Bulls in the Studio

We say goodbye to Abraham in his studio in San Antonio after a few hours of beers, confessions and art lessons.


We look for the last time at that challenging bull that still smells like freshly painted and we ask for its fascination with the animal. I am not fascinated with bullfighting but with the bull. All cultures have revered the bull from the Greek minotaur or Chinese culture to the Picasso canvases. They are powerful but noble animals, they represent goodness, but also firmness. And they are really beautiful. They have always been very present in my life and that is why I love to paint them in every possible way, confirms Abraham.

We leave him with those sculpted and painted bulls that are only part of his creative universe. That halo of numerology and good vibes that gives off his work accompanies us on the way home while we imagine our walls covered with the talent of Abraham Mojica.

Discover his work on Instagram or on his website and immerse yourself in a unique universe with different layers of meaning that fill your eyes with that unusual beauty that only great artists are capable of transmitting. When you finish enjoying his paintings, choose your numbers well, they will be the companions of that personal and fascinating journey that is your life. Abraham’s art will guide you through them.

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