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Gabriela’s: The delicious Brunch that tells foodies stories

Gabriela’s: The delicious Brunch that tells foodies stories

Gabriela’s is an amusement park full of flavor. A mangrove where exuberance, beauty and fun come together in a courtyard where time stands still in Gabriela’s dishes. Mexico crosses the border and dresses up, without complexes, claiming a color and identity that are addictive. The happiest hour in the city is a trip to the authentic and the stories Gabriela’s tells through its flavors..

A Foodie Dream called Gabriela’s

There is a place in Austin that is a dream. A sweet melody that is born to fulfill all your culinary desires. Any day is good to go to Gabriela’s. You’ll want to live forever in this 7th Street house.


Although, if there is an ideal time to visit this great place to eat, it is on Sunday. The best brunch in the city is ready to raise Austin’s pulsations with DJ sessions, a patio full of love and great flavors and exquisite dishes paired with a superb cocktail and an amazing drink menu that you will only find in this place.

Gabriela’s menu is a maze of flavors to go through countless temptations. Here are the shortcuts to not miss one of the most delicious culinary moments of your life.

It’s convenient to arrive early to Gabriela’s and let time pass by letting you surprise with the symphony that is about to begin. A highly recommended first step is to enter their social media and fall in love with their posters and creativities. On Sundays a series of gifted DJs challenge your waists in a celebration of life in a very Latin way.

Austin. Gabriela's

Dances and Flavors of an Unforgettable Brunch

Under the mantle of that dance challenge, a beautiful patio with unbeatable views of downtown is manifested in its splendor. we fall in love with Gabriela’s patio and cannot live without it. You can also choose to stay inside the dining room, flirtatious and intimate.

The next step is to toast for the life in front of its murals with one of those cocktails with which you will dream the rest of your days. The Cervezas preparadas (prepared beers) are cans of Modelo with a preparation that resembles the Micheladas generating a special color that inaugurates a fascinating evening. Beside it, the fabulous Micheladas, the delight of delights, the alcohol brought to its maximum splendor do not detract.


After these distilled wonders, it’s time to savor Gabriela’s lavish cuisine. The journey through Gabriela’s worlds then turns to untamed corners full of flavor and stories.

Stories Told Through Delights

Both Gabriela and her brother arrived a few years ago to Texas from Mexico, making Austin their residence. After much effort they were shaping their most exquisite project: the one to take their childhood recipes to the Texas tables. Gradually, with a great business vision and a titanic effort consubstantial to that of so many women entrepreneurs who fight for their empowerment, they have become a foodie reference of the city.


That passion for details and that desire to transmit stories are manifested through the dishes that are about to appear in front of your astonished gaze. On their weekend brunch, its whole menu hatches with a special atmosphere designed for your happiness.

That choriqueso so typical of this place threatens to conquer your mouth with its tenderness based on roasted pork, a sweet variety of Mexican cheeses, guacamole and tomatillo and chipotle sauce.

As a cheese lover, Flamed Cheese is another of the most interesting choices on the local menu. Although, in the variety is the taste and the Aguachiles of shrimp marinated with lime juice, red onion, cucumber and tortilla chips, it is an irresistible temptation that you should try. Combining this delight with the tasty Ceviche is inevitable, although you may get carried away by El Alba Panquetes and its sweetness extracted from the flavors of the cajeta and the lecherita.


Wishing to Return to Gabriela’s

An incredible French Toast will leave you forever its taste on the palate. Only available in this fabolous foodie mansion. A sweet temptation that should not deviate you from the Chilaquiles, the Migas with chorizo and the Gorditas from Gabriela’s. These delights so typical of Mexican cuisine acquire another dimension in this culinary universe.

French Toast at Gabriela's

To end this long evening in which the clock has skyrocketed in the direction of the foodie sky and has caused relativity to leave us with the nostalgia of returning, you have to get lost in your desserts. And, to close the circle, Gabriela’s Margaritas are the perfect excuse to say good bye to this patio turned into a Margarita monument. In its variety you will always find the perfect touch to taste a heavenly ambrosia.

Gabriela’s, that place that is a crossroads that are born in Mexico to make Austin a happier and more exquisite place. Enter in that yard to discover the most authentic and delicious Mexican cuisine. A trip that you will never forget and that claims a culture and a way of life that Gabriela tells you in her fabulous dishes.

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