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5 Places to Enjoy Spanish Food in Austin

5 Places to Enjoy Spanish Food in Austin

Spanish food is a matter of flavor and tradition. A thousand-year-old foodie passion that has made it appear among the most varied and sophisticated in the world. In the kitchen in Spain, it is sought to dazzle and surprise with an immeasurable quantity of exquisite dishes based on the culinary wisdom of its different provinces. Spanish cuisine has some delicious representatives in Austin that we have traveled with passion enjoying the adventure of exploring dishes that you will dream about everyday.

Jamón, tapas, paella, sangria … The list of delights is extensive within the recipe book of Spanish food. But you can find much more. Within the immense gastronomic offer of the city, these Spanish restaurants seek to surprise you with the best of Spaniard gastronomy. Come with us to discover them.

A Spanish Symphony of Flavor


Daniel Olivella, chef and creator of Barlata

Barlata is a symphony of flavors that expresses the immensity of Spanish cuisine. This place has the signature of chef Daniel Olivella. We immerse ourselves in his kitchen during an afternoon in which we share the secrets of his cuisine and fascinating stories of his career in the kitchen. From this incredible experience has emerged an interview that we will publish in the near future. Follow us on social media to not miss it.

Its extensive menu is an exquisite summary of the delights that you can find in Spain. The place has a cozy decoration with pop art.


Traditions such as paellas, torrijas or Spanish tortilla take on another dimension at Barlata. The paellas shine with varieties as surprising as the Black Rice or the Hortelana, a vegetable paella that rivals in beauty with Barceloneta, a nod to the Mediterranean Sea based of seafood.

Barlata offers you a walk through the Mediterranean tastier through its tapas and dinners designed to share moments and memories. The sea is always present with ceviche, octopus or garlic shrimp. The carnivores will enjoy with Braised Oxtail, Brisket Stuffed Canelones or an irresistible Seared Iberian Tenderloin.

Do not forget to try impressive desserts such as Crema Catalana, the Basque Cheese Cake or the awesome cheese board. They will not come alone. A glass of wine will say goodbye to you, toasting with distant flavors.

A Passport to Spanish Food

El ChipirónMap

Spanish Food - Comida Española
Photo: El Chipirón

At El Chipirón you can let time get tangled up in their wines, their cocktails and their Gin Tonics menu.

But what makes you a devotee are their dishes. Among their green proposals you should not miss the opportunity to savor its salads or its exquisite tapa of mushrooms and Padrón peppers. Their empanadillas or spicy patatas bravas are the prelude to a trip through the seas and lands of Spain.

From the sea, there is a fascinating experience full of flavors such as the coarse seafood rice or its Canarian green mojo fish. Both proposals immerse you in a sea of flavor that leads you to the mainland.

Spanish Food - Comida Española
Photo: El Chipirón Facebook

Once there, wait for the Carrilleras (cheeks stewed with red wine). This tasty and tender meat bathed in good Spanish wine is the perfect carnivorous choice, but neither should it outshine the stone meats or the wonderful Iberian acorn-fed Jamón. This trip to Spain should have a sweet final stop. Traditional churros with chocolate will seal your passport to the most exquisite flavor accompanied by some supernatural red wine pears.

Paella World

La Bodega GourmetMap

Spanish Food - Cocina Española
Photo: La Bodega

If there is a Spanish dish that has become universal, it is paella. Its flavors and its versatility have captivated chefs from all over the world. That is the case of the Panamanian Eric Paz who through 27 years of experience has managed to understand the fascinating world of paellas.

At this place, you can buy and taste dreamy rice, cheese, oil or wine. His wisdom and passion for paella is reflected in Paella Mix, a simple way to cook this delight in your own home in just 25 minutes. Its rice Bomba from Valencia comes with the main ingredients to make a tasty homemade paella. In addition, in this place you can have an unforgettable dinner and savor the most recognizable dishes of Spanish food.

Redefining Old Traditions


Spanish Food - Cocina Española
Photo: Winebelly Facebbok

There are unsuspected places where you can breathe the most delicious Spanish customs. Winebelly is one of them. This place has been named one of the best wine bars in America by various publications. Interestingly among its wine delights you can find jewels from the best Spanish appellations of origin. Next to the cup you will find a tapa. Pure Spanish tradition.

Spanish Food - Cocina Española
Tapas. Photo: Winebelly Facebook

Its menu is eclecticism in love with the Mediterranean. In it you can find Italian, French and, of course, Spanish influences. In a few places you will enjoy a good wine accompanied by Patatas Bravas, olives or traveling tapas that transport you throughout the Mediterranean and into Asia. A beautiful Spanish tradition redesigned in Austin.

Dreams Kitchen

Mayro’s Kitchen

Spanish Food - Cocina Española
Fabada en Mayro’s Kitchen

Mayro’s Kitchen is an instant bridge between Spain and Texas. This Basque chef has been living in the United States for almost three decades. Her passion for cooking began when she was a  young child who would look at the family kitchen to marvel at recipes that are still in her head today. That legacy has turned her charming kitchen into a place of pilgrimage to take home culinary wonders, hire a catering service or organize events in her intimate backyard.

In her menu you can find almost all the different variety of foods that have made Spanish cuisine a universal reference. We are captivated by her rice: 11 varieties that are a poem to the flavor accompanied by gazpacho or salmorejo.

Spanish Food - Cocina Española

The Tapas of Mayro’s Kitchen are pure passion for good food: Croquettes, sobrasada, endives with roquefort cheese or a Spanish Tortilla that you will continue savoring in your foodie dreams.

No matter what dish you’re looking for, Mayro refines it with her culinary art. From her catering arises countless delights, from a Fabada to Lentejas a la Riojana, Calamares en su Tinta, Empanada Gallega or Pollo al Chilindrón. Mayro’s Kitchen holds the key to Spanish culinary treasure.

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