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Best Taco Trucks in Austin

Best Taco Trucks in Austin

The best taco is the one that is eaten on the street. This street food has a liturgy that you must experience, which is why tacos taste better in a good food truck. The aroma of the best Latin Street Food has long conquered Austin and given us the most incredible flavors. We all love tacos, but where can we find their true flavor?

We go through the food trucks where we can feel the tastiest heartbeat in the city and enjoy those delicacies that are eaten with the hands and felt with the soul. Flavors on wheels and poems between tortillas. One taco, por favor!

An Austin Classic

Rosita’s Al Pastor – 1911 E Riverside Dr

Al Pastor

An Austin classic since 1985. The culmination of a dreamy night in downtown usually ends in this food truck with a variety of tacos, tortas, chalupas and gorditas that turn any visit to this Taco Truck into a trip to the streets of Mexico. Their Taco al Pastor´s family recipe makes it a benchmark in this type of tacos in the city. By its side, tripa, carnitas or Gringa tacos wrapped in his homemade tortillas do not pale. In addition, they have breakfast tacos to start the day with energy and flavor. A must on any tour through the world of tacos in Austin.

BBQ Loves Tex – Mex

Valentina’s – 11500 Menchaca Rd

This exquisite food truck has started a true revolution in Austin tacos. Its fusion of barbecue and the most delicious recipes from the Tex-Mex cookbook is irresistible. Their taco with habanero and brisket is the city’s favorite and has turned their truck in Menchaca into a place to go to savor not only a taco, but a new concept. Valentina’s awaits us in South Austin to guide us through their idyllic flavors.

Natural Flavors

Veracruz All Natural4208 Menchaca Rd / 111 E Cesar Chavez St / 2505 Webberville Rd / 4209 Airport Blvd / 2401 Winsted Ln

Photo: Veracruz All Natural

Veracruz is a caress to the palate. Their proposals combine natural flavors with audacious recipes that are an incomparable pleasure. Fajitas Taco, Migas Taco or El Sancho Taco (chorizo and cheese) take us by the hand to a colorful Mexico that is difficult to find on this side of the border. Different, wild but equally recognizable, tacos from Veracruz will surprise you in every bite. A journey that is well worth taking.

Tacos to Dream

Sabor Tapatío – 5604 S Congress Ave

Sabor Tapatío

We recently visited this tasty Taco Truck that is located in the southern area of Congress and we fall in love with their tacos. We told the experience in our article dedicated to their exquisite tacos. Their great variety of tacos always invites you to return again and again to their different flavors, although their Carnitas Taco is probably the taco that will make you stay in their comfortable patio. Their crunchy birria tacos are another considerable temptation as well as their delicious Mini Tacos. But this place keeps countless secrets from Jalisco cuisine in their truck that you must discover.

Creativity to Power

The Smokin’ Rose Taco Joint – 1308 E 6th St


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Smokin’ Rose’s tacos are made with love and they shows that in their homemade tortillas and the original recipes they provide their guests. Their taco menu is a collection of the most genuine flavors of Mexican cuisine, but Smokin’ Rose offers so much more. The creativity of their Mexicorn Dogs is their best cover letter. These sausages wrapped in homemade tortillas and fried to be served with mustard and cheese are the star in a place where tradition and originality go hand in hand for your palate to enjoy.

The Sea in a Taco


Photo: Rosarito

A breath of sea air permeates Rosarito. This California-inspired food truck brings us the best fish tacos in town. A different but equally tasty concept that brings us closer to the ocean of Baja California. Fish or Shrimp, it doesn’t matter, their delicious marine poem will make Rosarito your favorite beach.

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